motorcycles were running at breakneck speed. Traffic regulations were pushed aside and the law of the jungle took full sway as children and young people took over the streets waving flags and beating drums. Transports which were unfortunate to be on the road received unprecedented interruptions as the mob took over the road in spontaneous processions .The police , looking helpless stood aside to wait for the momentum to die on its own. As we questioned some people, it became apparent that some did not even see the match but were driven by the wave. Senegalese and Gambians need to question whether a physical fight between two well trained and muscular adults should be a sport. Should violence be a source of fun and jubilation? In our view, wrestling could only be a sport if it does not involve exchanges of blows and is restricted to bringing the opponent down on a soft surface to avoid any injury. Fight by adults for money is no different from slavery. It is an inhuman and degrading act which should not evoke joy from any one. It should be abolished.]]>