Understanding The Budget


The Gambian people must come to terms with the annual process of bringing a budget to the National Assembly for approval. This is based on the requirement of the Constitution.  Allow us give one example. The Constitution makes it a requirement for the President to undertake a Nationwide tour once a year. The provision reads: ”The President shall undertake a nation-wide tour at least twice a year in order to familiarise  himself or herself with current conditions  and the effects of government  policies.”

If this is to be implemented, money must be spent from the Consolidated fund to finance the tour. Hence when the Minister prepares the budget for the Office of the President, he would include the sum proposed for President’s Provincial tour as part of the estimates. The sum could go up to 10 Million dalasis per annum.

The National Assembly will determine whether such sums of money are realistic or on the high side and propose amendments.

Foroyaa will follow the review of the budget and report accordingly.