UDP to proceed with tour without the Use of PA system


By Rohey Jadama The leader of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), LawyerLawyer Darboe Ousainou Darboe told journalists at a press conference at his residence at Kairaba Avenue yesterday, 16 April, that they will be proceeding with their planned tour of the provinces without using a public address system at meetings.Mr. Darboe said they have written a letter to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) seeking permission to use public address system during his scheduled tour of the country since 2 April but did not receive a response until 15 April which entailed a request for them to stipulate the time for each of the venues they intend to hold their proposed meetings. “I have attempted to see the acting IGP but to my disappointment he refused to see me in his office,” said Mr. Darboe. The UDP leader said the police should have raised any issue with them earlier but not to wait until it is less than 24 hours for them to embark on the tour to make such a request. Mr. Darboe said the tour was initially scheduled during the start of the New Year but because of the 30 December incident, they thought it prudent to reschedule it. Below is the letter from the Gambia Police Force addressed to the UDP Secretary General and Party Leader dated 15 April 2015. RE: PERMISSION FOR USE OF P.A. SYSTEM DURING UDP COUNTRY WIDE CARAVAN TOUR, 16TH TO 26TH APRIL, 2015 The office of the Inspector General of Police writes to acknowledge receipt of your request dated 2nd April, 2015. However, this office has observed that, no scheduled time had been indicated in respect of the venues you intend to hold the meetings. In this regard, this office hereby requests you to stipulate the time for each of the venues you intend to hold your proposed meetings. Thank you B. SF. Bah (ASP) Officer Commanding Admin FOR: INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE Below is UDP’s response to the letter from the police addressed to the IGP: RE: PERMISSION FOR THE USE OF A P.A. SYSTEM DURING COUNTRY WIDE CARAVAN TOUR FROM 16TH TO 26TH 2015 I acknowledge receipt of your letter ref. GPF/078/B/(109) of today’s date which is in response to my letter of 2nd April 2015 seeking permission to use public address system during my scheduled tour of the country. I note your request in the last paragraph of your letter for me to provide you a time schedule of the meetings. I however do not consider the request is made bona fides because you had every opportunity since receipt of my letter to raise the issue. Making the request less than 24 hours before my departure, tantamounts to a refusal of my application and I so consider it. Yours faithfully A.N.M. OUSAINU DARBOE]]>