Trust Bank Donates Medical Items To EFSTH Dialysis Unit


By: Bubacarr Gaye

Trust Bank Gambia limited, on Wednesday, 18th of January, 2023, donated Medical items worth D300, 000 to the Edward Francis Small teaching Hospital (EFSTH) Dialysis Unit.

According to the donors, the motive is to help provide dialysis treatment to patients living with kidney problems.

Speaking on behalf of the Managing Director of the Bank, Omar Mboob, the Deputy Director of Trust Bank, said the donation encapsulates the fantastic role that the unit plays in the lives of patients living with kidney problems. However, he said “it does not only include medical supplies and other consumables, but the love and generosity of the Trust Bank family to the parents and staff in this unit.”

The Managing Director further emphasised that Trust Bank has been partnering with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to support the government in the provision of good and quality health care.

“Mr Frazer, one of our former workers who died recently of related complication, used to come to this facility for dialysis treatment. We all know how difficult such a condition can be for the patients and the people around them.

“It is against this backdrop that Trust Bank decided to lead the way to ensure that people living with such medical conditions have access to dialysis treatment.”

He further explained that dialysis treatments are just life-sustaining treatments while noting that The Gambia should focus on creating awareness and encouraging the practice of organ donation, adding: “We must also come together to ensure that the most appropriate infrastructure is in place to support organ donation and transplantation.

“We must strive to reach a point where organ donation will become the norm when the opportunities arise. To achieve this, we need to drive a fundamental culture shift in our society; a culture which has left patients with little or no hope for life.”

Similarly, he stated that in pursuit of that goal, Gambia should start by ensuring that all those who died in circumstances where organ donation was a possibility are recognised and that their families are made aware of the possibility of giving the gift of life to others.

However, he added that people should be encourage to share their views on organ donations, especially at a family level. If these issues are discussed in advance by individuals and made clear to their next of kin, it can help to ensure that their wishes for organ donation are realised.

“A total of D1.8M was donated to selected health facilities across the country in 2022. We are happy to inform you that we expanded both the coverage this year by adding Serrekunda General Hospital, Bundung Maternal and Child Hospital and as well as adopting the Pediatric Unit of Bansang General Hospital known as the Trust Bank Pediatric Unit”, he expounded.

He advised for people to work together and mount a formidable campaign; adding that he is confident that the unit can continue to offer free dialysis care to patients whilst also creating the much-needed awareness to mobilize public opinion in favour of organ donation.

He added that being aware of a loved one’s view can provide solace and peace of mind to those left behind, who have the consolation of knowing that they are implementing the wishes of the deceased.

Mariama Balajo, the nurse In Charge of the Dialysis Unit while delivering the closing remarks said: “on behalf of the Dialysis Unit, the doctors, nurses and the patients, we are saying a big thank you to Trust Bank. We are really proud of Trust Bank Gambia Limited and we warmly appreciate the effort that they are giving us.

“These donated items will go a long way to serve our patients because it came at a time when we really needed them. We therefore sincerely expressed our gratitude to the bank for maintaining the trust we have on them like the name of the company implies ‘Trust Bank’ so we will continue to have and strengthen the trust we have in the company.”