Police arrest man over alleged murder of girlfriend in Brikama


By Mustapha Jallow and Louise Jobe

Detectives of the Gambia Police Force have arrested a man over an alleged murder of his girlfriend. The incident happened in Brikama, a deputy spokesperson of the police said on Tuesday.

“I can confirm that the incident happened. It involves a particular lady…. a 22-years old lady but the body has been taken to the mortuary. Actually, she was taken to hospital by the suspect but according to our preliminary report she (deceased) was still alive. So, she died at the hospital. It was at Brikama health centre. So, currently the body is at the mortuary for post-mortem examination,’’ explained Cadet/ASP Muhammeh Y. Darboe, the deputy PRO for the police.   

He added: “So, now we are waiting for the examination report. The doctors will verify the fact whether she (deceased) was beaten or whether she was assaulted or not. But at this point, I think that’s what the family suspected. However, we (police-investigator) find any evidence of her being beaten. The first physical examination proves that there was not beaten. There were no physical bruises or minor injuries on the deceased’s body. However, that is not enough because it still has to go through some examination – to see whether she could bleed internally or any of that. But so far the suspect is under our custody and currently helping the police with their investigations.’’

Meanwhile, the suspect is a 24-year-old man.  He got booked by investigators on Tuesday, 17th January 2023, following the mysterious death of his girlfriend.  

When asked about the names of both deceased and suspect they were not released, in line with investigators’ privacy rules because the matter is still under investigation.

“You know, normally – when you are doing your investigation, you may prefer not to release names of the suspect or victims until the investigations is completed,’’ said deputy PRO of the police.