Tribute To The ‘Farmer’s Eyes


BY: Aja Musu Bah-Daffeh

Death comes but once

It comes without any alarm

God’s actions can’t be judged by humans

I grieved when I heard your sudden death

Why did you leave so soon?

Why did you go and leave tears in our eyes?

Why didn’t you survive?

Guess I have no answers to that!

I know it’s true

Your death came too soon

Which brought tremor to my heart

I wish you were still around

I wish you could come back and fulfill your promises and dreams

Why were you in a haste to leave?

Guess I have no answer to that!

The bird which followed you up

An angel he calls himself

The man killer

He separated you from me and the divine world

And that saddens my heart

He took you knowing you have beautiful queens you left behind

Crawling and crying for your silent death

The luxurious things you never go with

Perishing for you are not with them

Why were you in haste to leave?

Guess I have no answer to that!

Thanks to the Almighty for he knows why things are done

The all-knowing, the wise

For he, is your master

Thy! His just turned back on you to live

For thee went with Iman

May the beautiful Angels be with you

Rest in perfect peace Abdoulie Gibril Dibba.