Tribute to Menkeh Ebrima Barrow


By Lamin Fatty

PDOIS Menkeh Barrow, Jah Kunda Menkeh Barrow, Wuli West Menkeh Barrow, URR Menkeh Barrow, Tostan Menkeh Menke Ebriama BarrowBarrow………..May Almighty Allah grant you Jannatul Firdausi. With a very heavy heart, I write this tribute to a patriot, a man who has contributed by all standard in transforming the lives of many positively and empowered the Tax payers of Wuli West, in presiding over their affairs in their best interest a patriot, a role model, trustworthy, the humble, the religious, a former Councillor of Sare Ngai Ward and a loyal servant of the people of Wuli West and the entire people of URR until his demise on the 13th February 2016 at 3 am at the Basse Major Health Centre. I therefore write this tribute as a clear manifestation and testimony of your character, care for your people and colleagues, as well as respect and love for humanity.

Menke Ebriama Barrow (right) delivering a speech during Tostan inter village meeting in Sare Ngaba

The late Menkeh joined the teaching field shortly after returning from Scotland in England. In 2007, he was identified by his community to serve as a facilitator in the Tostan-UNICEF and Government of the Gambia joint community led sustainable development project in URR until 2012 when he was called again by the people of Sare Ngai Ward to preside over their affairs in Council.

Menkeh influence the hearts and minds of the people within his circle to support PDOIS. During his time as a politician and a Councillor, he engaged his fellow councillors to ensure the 60% of the revenue from tax payers is ploughed back to the tax payers and emphasized the importance of presiding over the affairs of the Tax payers in their best interest. During his time as a facilitator, he empowered the people on issues of democracy and good governance, human rights and responsibilities, hygiene and health to the extent of escorting pregnant women during the rainy season to the Yerro Bawol health center sometimes at very odd hours while it is raining.

The people of Wuli West and the entire URR are crying because, your Sun has set, while it is still a day. You are gone but your deeds shall always be remembered. It is said that the evil that men do lives after them. We know that there are many other initiatives you have undertaken and we pray that your dreams for the Sare Ngai Ward, Wuli West, URR and the country will be achieved in the future. You have broken the shackles of ethnic hatred in the field of politics. We want to assure you that you are gone but still very alive and we shall continue to remember you as a symbol of love, humanity, your patriotism, respect and sacrifice for the service of the people.

Menkeh Ebrima Barrow rest in perfect peace until we meet again. Please take heart the people of Sare Ngai Ward, Wuli West, PDOIS, Tostan, Basse Area Council, his wives Hina Daba and Sarjo Touray and your six children. We assure you that we will continue to live by your example and slogan, love for your people and country. May Almighty Allah be with us and gives us the strength to bear the great loss of our brother, comrade Barrow. REST IN PEACE UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!!