Too Many Cooks Spoil The Soup


Opinions are opinions and we all have the freedom of expression to make our voices heard. This is a good thing. The truth however remains that opinions are guides to action. It is fair to say that everyone could claim to have sound opinions. However, when we act according to the opinion we share the result would determine whether the opinion is sound or worthless.

It is very common today for thousands of voices to be heard telling National Assembly members what to do at the Assembly. The end result is to mortgage the authority of the Assembly for political convenience.

National Assembly members are often sponsored in elections by political parties. However , in carrying out their duties they must consider agreements, budgets, bills and other motions that are of national interest and do affect the nation as a whole, irrespective of party affiliation. Once national Assembly members become partisan in their thinking they become parochial and one-sided in their decision making process .This brings about friction in reaching conclusions and collective decisions.

It is unquestionable that once all national Assembly members are bound by the dictates of law , truth , conscience and the National interest, the quality of their reasoning , presentation and decisions would be fit for purpose. This is the verdict of common sense and it is irrefutable.