Lawmakers Refer Motion on Appointment to Armed Forces Council to Appointment Committee


By: Kebba AF Touray

The National Assembly has deferred a motion for the Appointments of Retired Colonel Momodou Ndow Njie and Mr. Yusupha Dibba as Members of the Armed Forces Council.

Defence Minister Omar Faye, while tabling the motion, said the move by President Barrow, is pursuant to section 189 subsection 1G of the 1997 constitution, as well as part of the Security Reform on Defence, to grant approval for the establishment of the Armed Forces Council.

Minister Faye informed the Legislators that there has never been a functional Armed Forces Council in the history of the Gambia, but that the establishment of this Council, will significantly assist in the oversight processes and democratic civilian control of the Armed Forces.

He said “The roles of the Armed Forces Council are clearly stipulated in section 189 sub sections (2) and (3) of the constitution”.

The council shall comprise, the Vice President as the Chairman, Minister of Defence, Chief of Defence Staff, Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Commanders of the Army, Navy and Air Force, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence and two other persons appointed by the President, subject to confirmation by the National Assembly.

Omar Ceesay, Member for Niamina East, relying on Clause 53 C of the Standing Orders, moved that the motion be referred to the legislative Security and Defence Committee, to request the credentials given by the Minister in moving the motion, for the Appointment Committee to better scrutinize the appointment and inform the Assembly.

The motion was then referred to the Appointment Committee of the National Assembly for the committee to scrutinize and report to the plenary on their decisions and recommendations on the appointment.

About Colonel Momodou Ndow Njie

Retired Colonel Momodou Ndow Njie, was one of the founders of the Gambia National Army in 1984 and became the first Commander in 1984. He attended several military trainings in Gambia, United Kingdom and France. He has vast experience about the Gambia Armed Forces and knowledgeable on military operations. He also served as the Ambassador of the Republic of the Gambia to France.

About Mr. Yusupha Dibba

Mr. Yusupha Dibba has MSc in International Agricultural Development from the University of California Davis, MA Degree in History and Political Science from the University of Bostwana and Swaziland as well as BA in Sociology, Economics and History from Bostwana. He is a retired Civil Servant who served in various Ministries and capacities, including the Ministry of Defence as Permanent Secretary. He also served as the Ambassador of the Republic of the Gambia to Cuba. He is very experienced in public administration, planning and management.