Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Today is D-Day for ‘Three Years Jotna’


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The decision to provide a permit to ‘Three Years Jotna’ to express their feeling that President Barrow should adhere to the terms of the Coalition Agreement, is an indication that something has changed in the way the state sees security threat. Peaceful demonstration and procession to show approval or disapproval should not lead to destruction of life and property or threat to public security. The developments today would be a teacher on the way forward.

Readers would recall that the members of the Coalition did agree for their flagbearer to serve a term of three years and then resign to allow elections to be held to the office of president on a level ground for multi-party contest. Readers should however bear in mind that the constitutional and electoral reforms that should have been undertaken and the nonpartisan political environment that should have obtained had not actually seen the light of the day. The Coalition agenda was meant to unify the nation, eradicate self-perpetuating rule, enlighten the voters to cast their votes on the basis of clear programmes and thus build a democracy that would give rise to the undiluted choice of the people. The current political atmosphere marked by political divisions and animosity is the very opposite of what was conceived by the Coalition architects.

It is now left to each Gambian to find out what the initiators of ‘Three Years Jotna’ really want. We will hear it from the horse’s mouth today. Foroyaa will tell the story.

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