Time for law order and prosecution and time for mediation, reconciliation and stability


The state could be an instrument of coercion or an instrument of protection. A state which aims to prevent civil disobedience and promote peace and stability would serve as an instrument of stability rather than an instrument of coercion. During the civil disobedience many things could be observed from the pictures taken by many media outlets and private individuals. Destruction and loss of property could be detected. Pictures of excessive force being used were also detected.

Those engaged in law enforcement may be interested in detecting crime while those interested in human rights violation would be interested in brutality. The state however should be interested in both with the primary preoccupation of preventing recurrence after diffusing the tension. A state should be more interested in diffusing tension when it is gripped by a state of civil disobedience which often gives cover for attack on property. Foroyaa will continue to monitor the aftermath of the civil disobedience of recent times.