Tight Security at Amdalai Border post


By Sailu Bah Security at the Amdalai border post bordering Northern Senegal was tight when this reporter visited there on Thursday. The task force of security personnel, especially armed military men was seen at the border post screening travellers and monitoring the movement of people in and out of the country. It was a busy moment at the border post. A lot of people were at the border post waiting to be screened. Travellers were asked to join a long queue for a proper checkup. The Security personnel were asking people for their documents. The place was very much congested with a lot of people coming in or going out of the country. I noticed that some of them spent a long time waiting to get through the check points. There were many check points between Barra to Amdalai. Screening continued after travellers disembarked from the ferry and at various check points up to the border post. Modu Jallow who was travelling from Dakar to the Kombos said he had spent at least an hour just to be able to pass through the border post. “I don’t know when I shall reach my destination because I understand that there are too many check points along the way.” Alagie Ceesay a traveller also made similar comments. He further said that he was stopped and all of his belongings were search thoroughly. He further said that he had been screened at many military check points from Barra to Amdalai. Kumba Njie said she was from Barra going to Dakar but she had spent several hours on the way due to many security check points. “My time was really wasted along the way. I am very scared and this problem is affecting each and every one of us,” she asserted.]]>