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Southern Border Calm after State House Attack


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By Kebba Jeffang The southern border of Giboro that connects the Gambia and Casamance, Senegal was seemingly calm on Wednesday, 31st December, 2014 as observed by this reporter during his visit.After boarding a transport from the Brikama Car Park, my attention was on the number of check points I will find including a possible military check point on the way to the border. However, I have seen three police check points. They are at Kembujeh, Serekundanding as well as Mandinaba-Giboro junction. One of the check points was occupied by the officers of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) among whom there was a military personnel sitting by the road. Each of these check points were seen stopping vehicles including the one I boarded for a brief check up before letting them pass. At the border itself, it was observed that the place was relatively quieter than usual but there was no presence of military officers. There were only immigration and police officers in the station. Wuyeh Fatty, a Gambian said they have heard the news of the attack of the State House. He said though, it has happened in Banjul, it had an impact on them on the day it had happened because businesses were affected. “Everything is fine now and back to normal. Businesses are going on well, movement is free and people are no more confused or scared. Let’s pray for stability in the country, that is the best thing,” said Fatty. Sheikh Fallou Jagne, crossing into the Gambia said he is coming because he believes that everything is okay for him to run his business in the Gambia. He said the attack met him in his home country and he decided to postpone his initial trip to return to The Gambia. “I got clear information that it is all fine and fit for continuation of business.  That’s why I am back,” said Jagne. Binta Bah said she was very scared on Tuesday after receiving the information that the presidency is attacked by armed men. However, she was met at the border moving about freely.]]>

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