There Should Be No Propaganda On Tax Payers Money


Only the office of the President should initiate where tax money, grants and loans should go. Only the National Assembly could approve for the money to be spent as proposed.
The Executive and the National Assembly are irretrievably linked.

Readers would recall that a Supplementary Appropriation Bill was introduced at the National Assembly requesting an additional expenditure of two Billion, Eight Hundred and Forty Five Million dalasis. The Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure was allocated over 914.3 Million dalasis . Hakalang in the North Bank which has been neglected since the first Republic is to benefit from the money allocated.

Social auditing requires the monitoring of the project by the people themselves and reporting progress or otherwise to the media. Foroyaa is ready to accompany the people in the area to ensure the proper monitoring of progress in using public funds to provide public services.