Are the opposition parties in the Gambia intending to perpetuate themselves in office as Modou Joof alleges?


By Fatoumatta K Jallow

NRP, UDP Respond to Modou Joof’s Comment

Following the question of the day on the Foroyaa Newspaper Edition of 29th September 2020, Samba Jallow the Minority Leader of the National Assembly and Deputy for the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) said “it is true that political parties like UDP, NRP and PDOIS still have their old leaders, but that PDOIS have selected different presidential candidates.”

He is of the view that the two term limit should be extended to political parties and to even ensure that this is included in their party Constitutions.

“So even at the party level, one candidate cannot be selected more than twice, so that other party members will be given the chance to be voted in to head their parties,” Jallow highlighted.

The NRP Minority Leader said previous selections of leaders are done by party militants who deem it fit that a particular candidate can continue to serve them; that parties go through congresses where selections of leaders are done by militants’ votes.

He said previously, party militants were not aware of how to select their flag bearers to represent them.

“Now the electorate does not want one person to lead them for years,” Jallow said. This was what the NRP Minority Leader said.


Modou Joof, as an academic is it not best to conduct research on the current state of affairs in political parties before making generalization? 2016 may or may not have its impact on internal party democracy.