The Truth About The Covid 19 Pandemic And The Concerns


The PANDEMIC has defied ideological frontiers .USA , China and Iran are all affected by skyrocketing infections , despite their differences in political systems . The current prime minister of Spain is Pedro Sanchez of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE). The current Prime Minister of the UK Is Boris Johnson of the Conservative Party , The Current President of the US is Donald Trump, a Conservative Republican . The Current Chancellor of Germany is Andrea Michael , a Christian Democrat while Italy has a Coalition Government comprising an anti-conservative Democratic party and a Five Star Movement. France is led by the Liberals.

The Corona Virus COVID 19 has struck all the countries named with vengeance and they are all responding to the PANDEMIC in one way or the other.

The world is in a state of alert and health systems are being tested as they never have. Prime Ministers, Princes, Parliamentarians, Doctors. Nurses, farm workers and persons of all works of life are infected.

The USA is reported to have 404,241 cases and the death toll has reached 12,993 and is rising as 369,350 persons still remain under care.

Spain has 146,690 cases with a death toll of 14,555 and growing as 84,114 persons still remain under care

Italy has recorded 135,586 cases with 17,127 deaths and rising as 94,067 persons remain under care.

Germany has recorded 109,329 cases with 2,096 deaths and rising as 71,152 persons still remain under care.

France has recorded 109,069 cases with 8,869 deaths and rising as 79,404 persons remain under care.

China has registered 81,802 cases and 3,333 deaths. Iran has registered 64,586 cases and a death toll of 3,993 and rising as 30,781 persons remain under care.

UK has registered 55,242 cases with a death toll of 6,159 and rising as 48,948 persons , including the British Prime Minister still remain under care.

The question that all Gambians should ask themselves is very simple:

If we allow the Virus to spread in the Gambia would we have the places to keep, observe and care for the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands that other countries are now caring for? The answer is in the negative. Our health systems would not be able to respond to such a demand for treatment. The preventive method is the only practical way to save the lives of those living in the Gambia. Adopt safe spacing strategy to avoid transfer of virus from one person to another and wash hands to avoid touching nose, lips and eyes with an infected hand. The virus is a living organism which can stay alive on hands and objects for a reasonable time to make infection possible. Deprive the virus of life by disinfecting hands and objects touched by hands. This is the way forward.