for attaining unrestrained and absolute might to do as one pleases would revere those who take control of it as deities who have the divine right to rule. Those who succeed in finding themselves at the helm do not hesitate to utilise money, position, patronage and mysticism to give an air of invincibility. They try every means to put themselves above the ordinary person so that no one would ever thought of taking their places. Those who see themselves as the servants of the people do not utilise money, position, patronage of mysticism to get to the helm or perpetuate themselves in office. They often hand over power peacefully and remain as respected statesmen and stateswomen who are revered for eternity like Nelson Madela. Those who have established self perpetuating rule like Mobutu had an ignoble end. Every leader must choose how he or she wishes to be remembered. Power is transient. It is never permanent. No human being lives forever on his earth. No one is powerful. All must yield to the might of the grave yard. Only those who are of service to humanity live forever in the minds of the people. This is the verdict of history and it is incontrovertible.]]>