One of the driving forces for legislative, judicial, security and electoral reforms is the promulgation of a post 1997 Constitution.

Constitutional reform agenda has been addressed since the National Assembly put it in what the former Chairperson of the CRC called comma. The only possibility of resuscitating it was lost when the Speaker of the National Assembly rejected a motion aimed at rescinding the former decision to enable parliament to restore the second stage of the Bill for reconsideration. At that stage the Bill was effectively laid to rest.

During the legal year one expected the President to use the opportunity to express the legislative programme of his government with prime focus on the constitutional reform process. After delivering his statement the media received a copy of the prepared statement for dissemination. However Foroyaa noticed that the promise made that the government with a new constitution must have been an afterthought since this input could not be found in the circulated speech.

Notwithstanding, nothing is said about the process so far taken to make the promulgation of the Constitution possible by averting any future contradiction. We hope that the government will begin to share its constitutional review programme with the nation so that Gambia comes up with a constitution of the third republic in 2023.