An election year is a year when sovereign citizens are capable of taking back what they have entrusted to representatives. It is a year for representatives to render account to the electorate or citizenry.

It is absolutely essential for every citizen to participate in the decisions and debates prior to the holding of elections.

Any citizen who does not show any interest during an election year is not fit to be the national of a sovereign republic.

A genuine citizen of a sovereign republic must be an equal or part owner of the country. This could only be if each person possesses equal share of sovereign power. This also requires each sovereign person to be registered as a voter and maintain his or her voter’s card.

Secondly, such a person must listen to what candidates have to say; take part in the discussions on the programmes put before the nation by political parties and their candidates and finally take part in voting on the basis of informed choice.

This is the only way that a sovereign person could exercise the sovereign right to take power in the country.