Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Die Is Now Cast


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It is clear that five parties and one independent candidate are going to contest the 2021 presidential elections. What is important is to draw the lesson that could guide future nomination processes. Readers would recall that 26 aspirants initially indicated their desire to become presidential candidates. The nation raised eye brow wondering how the IEC would be able to handle such a large number of contestants. Now that we are left with only six contestants shows that the IEC would be capable to reduced numbers if there are regulations or statutory provisions that set standards for qualification to be a contestant.

Some are saying the standard is to increase the deposit to such a level that those who cannot afford to pay would be excluded. This is certainly not an option for the future, otherwise only the rich will participate in future elections. On the other hand, the law or the regulations could ask for nominations by more voters per region to such a level that only those who have a chance of winning will have the required number of voters. This would be a democratic way of ensuring that those who have a chance of winning elections would have the possibility of standing.

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