During the debate on the draft Constitution of 1996 which eventually became the 1997 Constitution after the 1996 referendum, all those who voted against the Constitution claimed that it was only fit to maintain the coup makers in power. Some called it soldiers’ constitution.

Foroyaa did publish all the chapters of the draft Constitution with analyses showing which provisions were accepted in a republic and those that were not. This helped those who were objective to have a good grasp of the 1997 Constitution.

Twenty-six years after the 1997 Constitution came into force; The Gambia is still relying on it as the supreme law of the land. Those who opposed it are now comfortable for it to become their fundamental law.

Governments have changed, but the second republic and its constitution still remain.

It is therefore time for a debate to be initiated to promote the crafting of a constitution for the third republic. We are urging all Gambians to have very open minds in debating on the content of the Constitution of a third republic. The conversation is long overdue and we hope we will not be left behind.