Friday, November 26, 2021

‘The Capital City Is In An Alarming State’ Banjul Central MP


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By: Kebba AF Touray

Muhammed Ndow, the National Assembly Member for Banjul Central, said the Capital City of Banjul, is in an alarming state; that all the roads and sewerage ways, are in dilapidated conditions with bad odour emanating from the sewerages, coupled with the flooding of faeces at the entrance of the terminal; that this is big disgrace for the country. Ndow said commercial activity cannot properly go in Banjul; that all major roads south of the City including Leman, Buckle, Wellington, and Hill Streets, are in dilapidated conditions. Ndow said these major roads of Banjul, have never been maintained since 1992.

‘‘We have problems of drainage if you come to Banjul Central, where the president himself lives. But the President never talk about these problems of Banjul,” he said; that Banjul is becoming a ghost town and has been neglected by both past and present regimes; that Banjul does not belong to Banjulians alone, but to the entire nation; that residential houses in Banjul South have been turned into warehouses, making survival difficult for the residents, due to air pollution and the indiscriminate parking of trucks within the area.

“So it’s high time for the President to address the problems of Banjul,” he said.

The Member applauded the President for his stand on tribal sentiments, which he cited as important; that the country is small and people inter-marry amongst themselves, and advised people to desist from hate speeches and embrace cohesion, to avert the case of Rwanda, where one million lives were perished within weeks.

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He advised that the President’s address be held during the first Ordinary Session of each year, instead of the third session; that let the 2018 address be the last time the President holds address during the third session of the year.

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