Wednesday, June 29, 2022

‘Current Food Crisis In The Country, Frightening’ MP Camara


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The Member for Nianija Amadou Camara, said the current food crisis in the country is frightening and urged for protective measures to be taken, to ensure that the populace eat healthy and clean food. He call on the President to collaborate with the Food Safety and Quality Authority (FSQA), in strengthening internal response to the food safety crisis, as well as revisiting of the FSQA Act.

On health, the Member for Nianija cited that the President in his address, disclosed certain successes registered in the sector, such as malaria elimination, taking into account the deadly impact the disease had on the county’s population, especially the young. This he said has been made possible through the collective efforts of the citizenry. Camara applauded the increment and improvement of skills delivery, citing this as important in saving lives of pregnant women during child delivery.

“So if there is an improvement in the attainment of skills delivery up to 82 percent, definitely the Ministry of Health deserves commendation. This has never happened and can help us at least reduce mortality, which is important,” he said.

On the issue of upgrading hospitals by pursuing post graduate programs for Doctors, the Member said this is a welcome development; that Government spends huge sums in sending young Doctors for post graduate studies and training overseas, to serve the country upon completion. “If this post graduate programme is done here in the country, it will minimize cost and will be a plus for the Government,” he added.

On the availability of drugs, the Nianija Member emphasized that despite efforts, there is still more to be decided for health facilities; that the frequent problem confronting the health care needs of Gambians, is the unavailability of drugs. He enjoined the people to critically look into the issue with a view to solving the problem, despite measures taken by the Health Ministry in combating the menace.

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“It is wanting to have these policies and programs implemented, because health centers in rural and urban communities, need much to be desired. Something needs to be done for us to be able to solve the crisis once, and for all,” he cited; that it is the responsibility of the people to make sure that the programs are implemented to move forward as a nation and enable the poor obtain the needed drugs by investing in the health sector, making sure that the necessary medicines and equipment are available.

He expressed dismay over the president’s address without mentioning the Health, Lunatic detention, and Medical Service Acts; that these Acts have been in place for long, and as such expected the President to articulate on them; that no issue pertaining to such, was stated in his address. He call for the change of the Acts and expressed the hope that the concerned Ministry, will take note of them to ensure that they are taken care of.

He thanked the President for what he described as a comprehensive address, meant to highlight what the current Government intends to do, where the country is emanating from, as well as the route the present leadership has shaped in their drive towards national development.

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