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“Sumaa Domm You Jigeen! Sumaa Jaamong!” Part 14 (My Daughters! My Jewel!)


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By Amie Sillah Tenneng Surahata is Ahmet’s elder brother and he owns the prospecting company.He brought T.J home by giving her a lift. He is interested in her but she is hesitating and cannot handle the situation. “You would not allow me befriend you I can understand you’ve never done it before but can I meet and discuss with your parents?” Sura asked. “Oh my parents! No O! I cannot.” “Don’t you like me or am I a nuisance to you?” Sura asked. “No sir!” “Stop calling me sir, I protest vigorously.” “Sorry sir!” “Again! But I have forgiven you. Now what about my proposal?” “What proposal sir?” Sura shook his head. “Proposal to be my girlfriend for a start and we see how it goes.” “Okay friend for a start.” T.J agreed. “Thank you very much.” Sura kissed her hand and she quickly withdrew it. “Don’t do that again.” T.J protested. “Okay!” Sura laughed at her. “I’ll come and see your parents.” “Not now but later.” “Can I have a small favour?” Sura asked. “Small favour! What favour?” “Can I have a peck?” “A peck! What is a peck?” “Let me show you.” Sura pecked her. Maga He was there on time on his motorbike to witness the pecking, he protested. “What do you think you are doing, playing romance right here in our compound under our nose? I’ll tell my brother, these girls would not be allowed to bring shame unto our family.” “No! No uncle it is not what you think.” “What I think? You’ll soon know what I think.” Sura was embarrassed and he got lost. T.J She rushed into her house and almost knocked her father at the door. “What is happening? Who is after you?” Magi asked and turned to his wife. “If my brother asked for me tell him I am not in.” Maga He came panting and asked. “Where is my brother?” “He is not back. What is happening my husband?” “Where is T.J?” “She has just rushed in; what is the problem?” “Tell my brother to see me as soon as he comes home.” “Okay, I’ll.” T.J “Sura is my boss’s elder brother and he owns the Prospecting Company, he gave me a lift home, he kissed my hand and I protested, he asked to see my parents I hesitated and asked him to wait until I consult you, he decided to peck me and that’s when my uncle came to the scene and found us. I am very sorry.” “Are you sure that’s what happened?” “Yes Papa.” “Is he yet married?” “No! He is single. And why do you ask?” “There are 101 reasons why I should ask everything about him; bring him home for me to assess whether he is of husband material.” “What about my elder sister I.J? I have a job before her and now a suitor? How would she see it Papa?” “I.J is your sister, she will be happy for you; her husband will come at the right time. Let you guest come he will be welcome.” “Thank you Papa; you are just a darling and our strength.” Lunch Time “Food is ready.” I.J announced. “You can eat, we will eat when we come back.” Jaa explained. “Where are you going to? It can wait after you have eaten.” I.J posited. “Let us see your uncle first, he has requested to see me and your mother is accompanying me.” “So what! Who is Cow Maga? Eat your food before it gets cold and you can see him later, are we not staying in the same compound?” I.j insisted. “No! Let us go and come.” They left. The Siblings I.J is angry with her parents. “Why are our parents so submissive to these wicked, idiotic people? Do they feed us? Why should they forfeit their food just to see them and come back and eat?” “Why? Uncle caught me when Sura came to drop me.” T.J explained. “So! What is wrong with that?” “He caught us Sura pecking me.” “What! Sura doing what? Cow Maga will eat you raw.” “I told Papa everything.” “You told him and what did he say?” T.J “I.J sit down.” “What is it? You are scaring me, has Sura touched your breast?” She started to examine her sister. “No!” I.J sighed. “Sura has asked for my hand in marriage but how would you take it as my elder sister, I started work before you and now the suitor ship?” I.J kept quiet for a while which sadden T.Jthen she surprised her. Opening her arms she announced. “Come here! I am very happy for you my darling sister! Congratulations!” She hugged and kissed her. “Are you serious?” “Yes, I am.” “You are the best sister in the whole wide world, I love and cherish you!” “Do you love him and feel butterfly in your stomach?” “I do, how do you know?” “I once feel the same for a university student who approached me some years back but he travelled to the U.S to meet his parents and we never see again.” I.J told her sister. At Maga’s House    He exaggerated the incident just to inflate the parents to beat their children blue/black. “I saw the man licking T.J’s tongue in what they call ‘suck tongue’.” He demonstrated it as the parents eyed each other. “These girls are spoilt, I thought it was only the boys but the girls are worse.” Sap concurred. “Since they passed their WAEC their bodies are on fire, jumping, jumping, and jumping.” Maga explained. “Okay! You are right, no wonder the other day I saw I.J in a dark corner with a boy playing romance in the dark and laughing like fools.” Sap explained. “I also saw the same I.J coming out from an incomplete building with a boy holding hands.” Maga posited. “My own I.J? That is impossible, God forbid!” Jaa posited. “Look at T.J licking tongue near our compound that was why I was very annoyed, tomorrow what will happen in the man’s bedroom? Only God knows.” Maga posited. “But Magi! You are not saying anything.” Sap interjected. “Leave my brother he is a man he is thinking.” Maga defended him. “That was why I was against my brother sending his girls to school.” “Cow Maga that has nothing to do with girls’ education.” Jaa defended. “It has everything to do with it as their eyes are dried and wide open to every vice they’ve come across.” “I’ve heard you and thank you for your concern, love and fatherly care; the children are equally yours and not mine alone.” Magi posited. “Is that only what you have to say?” Maga asked his brother. “When I go I’ll confront both of them and will beat the hell out of them, I’ll not allow these girls to bring shame unto our family.” Maga said. “I’ll catch them and there will be no next time, I was just informing you so that you’ll not be surprise at my action.” Maga posited. Magi turned to Jaa. “Have you seen your daughters?” “Yes, our daughters!” Jaa responded. To be Cont.    ]]>

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