Sports In The Gambia Risk Halting As Coronavirus Positive Case Emerges


By Sulayman Bah

Sports in the country could be put on pause following news of Gambia experiencing a positive case of the covid-19.

The news comes barely 30 minutes after president Barrow’s leaked statement claimed there are no confirmed cases apart from suspects.

However, the country’s health minister later announced a lady in her 20s flew into the country last Sunday from the United Kingdom and complained of displaying several symptoms of the covid-19 while at home in self-isolation.

She was then rushed to MRC Unit where she is reported to have tested positive for the virus and remains under surveillance since.

This latest case comes just hours after two Indonesians suspects were earlier cleared of carrying the covid-19 .

This figure, going by Barrow’s initial speech to the nation, is different from 355 persons tested out of which 149 have been cleared of the illness with 206 suspects being closely watched.

Sports associations in Europe and in some part of Africa with cases of the pandemic have gone on to cancel all sporting activities and ban public gatherings.