Speaker Denton Preaches Togetherness


As National Assembly Resumes Session

By: Kebba AF Touray

The Speaker of the National Assembly Mariam Jack Denton, has called on lawmakers to continue the spirit of togetherness among them.

Speaker Denton made the appeal on Monday 14th June 2021, while delivering her opening statement during the second Ordinary Session of the National Assembly in the 2021 Legislative year 2021.

According to Speaker Denton, she recognize and appreciates the efforts of various legislative committees, in the execution of their oversight functions and admits that despite the hectic nature of their work, Members remain resolute in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

Speaker Denton extended gratitude to the National Assembly staff for support and guidance as well as the Office of the Clerk and his staff for their dedication to duty.

“This has once more demonstrated our commitment and dedication to national duty, as the people’s representatives. I wish that everybody including myself, continue the spirit of togetherness and strive more to advance the lives and livelihood of the electorate, whom we represent,” she said. She reported to the Members that the Women’s (Amendment) Bill 2021; Civil Marriages (Amendment) Bill 2021; The Christian Marriages (Amendment) Bill 2021; Married Women’s Property (Amendment) Bill 2021 and the Matrimonial Causes (Amendment) Bill 2021, have been assented to by the President on the 23rd of April 2021.

Speaker Denton reminded Lawmakers that the electronic registration and bell notification systems are still in use and urge them to utilize the system.

“I kindly remind all Members to use the system to register and vote while seated at their desks. A bell system is also in place to notify Members during voting and or for any other announcements,” she said.

She urged Lawmakers to take note of the relevant provisions of the Constitution and the Standing Orders of the National Assembly, throughout the course of the session

“I welcome you all to the Second Ordinary Session of the National Assembly in the 2021 Legislative year. As we begin the session in the 2021 legislative year, we all pray to Allah the Almighty, to continue to guide us through the session and beyond, so that we may treat all matters that shall come under our deliberations effectively and efficiently,” she said.