Single Mother Seeks Sponsorship to Complete Studies at Gambia College


By Makutu Manneh

Ndey Lisa Surr, a single mother, seeks sponsorship to complete an Early Childhood Development Program she has started at the Gambia College.

“I am a single parent and my father cannot support me financially to pursue my career, due to his poor health condition,” she said.

Ms. Surr showed a document from the Gambia College which stated that she has been accepted at the College. She started Classes in January 2021 and said she cannot continue due to financial constraints.

A medical report of her father which she presented to this reporter stated that her father has been diagnosed with hyperglycemia and sepsis.

“As a female child with high ambition to study and succeed, I seek support from all and sundry in order to complete my career,” she said.

Ms. Surr’s total tuition fee at the College is twenty-one thousand dalasi (D21, 000). But she has managed to pay six thousand dalasi (D6, 000) and her unpaid balance is fifteen thousand dalasi (D15, 000).

Ms. Surr calls on Government, philanthropists and i philanthropic institutions, NGOs and all Good Samaritans within and the Gambia, to come to her aid. 

For any assistance, Ms. Surr can be reached on the following numbers: 5225963, 2668901, or 3528584.