Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Should security forces in the Gambia clash?


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Any clash between security forces would amount to a breach of security of the Nation. Section 78 of the Constitution is designed to address such  potential breaches . It reads:

“(1)  There shall be a National Security Council which shall consist of –

(a)  the President;

(b)  the Vice-President;

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(c)   the ministers responsible for  defence and internal affairs;

(d)  the Chief of Defence Staff and two other members of the Armed Forces appointed by the President;

(e)  the Inspector General of Police;

(f)   the Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency; and

(g)  the intelligence adviser to the President.

 (2) The National Security Council shall be responsible for advising the President on all matters relating to the security of The Gambia and the integration of domestic and foreign policies relating to its security, and, under the direction of the President, shall take appropriate measures to safeguard the internal and external security of The Gambia and to provide for the co-operation of the departments and agencies of the Government in that regard.”

A security Council meeting is necessary to establish a command and control mechanism to address such concerns.

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