Final Year Students Seek Financial Assistance to Pay Tuition Fees


By Nelson Manneh

A final year student at the Gambia College is seeking financial assistance in order to pay his tuition fee.

The 22-year-old is in the school of education pursuing Advanced Diploma in Secondary Education.

“I am supposed to pay my tuition fee which is D36,000 for my three years program at the Gambia college in order to become a qualified teacher on agricultural science and physical health education, but am struggling to pay my tuition fee,” he said.

This desperate student said his parents cannot afford to pay his tuition fees and he has nobody to assist him.

“Looking at my family background, I know my parents cannot afford to pay my tuition fees and the management of the college said without complete payment, I will not be attested,” he said.

Philanthropists, individuals, government institutions and private institutions who want to assist him can reach him on the following numbers: 5098475/ 7985101 or via email: [email protected]. Sponsors can also pay the tuition fees to the Gambia College GTBank account: 204-274163-1590.