A state that is to be taken seriously must safeguard itself against shortages of fuel and food. Food is what drives the human body to have activity for work and leisure. Fuel is what drives industry, agriculture and services. Without such energy the whole economic edifice would collapse. Wherever there are problems because of food or fuel shortagesthe very integrity of government becomes questioned.

It is important to note that there are growing indications that petrol is in short supply. Consumers have approached Foroyaa to indicate that some filling stations are out of stock and they had to rush to the stations where stocks are still available but are heading towards supply challenges. It is becoming increasingly evident that demand is overtaking supply.

Foroyaa has noticed the government has issued a press release indicating that stocks are running low and measures are being taken to import from neighbouring countries. The impact on prices is not mentioned in the press release. However the continuation of such of a situation could lead to supply challenges as well as disruption and downturn in the economy. An urgent solution is required.