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SeyiiTolof – Tolof Part 76 EPISODE 6 (Difficult Marriages)


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By Amie Sillah

Mama Rosa
She came out and found Ramatoulie playing Ludo with Chaa and she scolded her.
“Church rat! Why do you come to my son’s house to wine and dine without giving him anything in return? As our people say ‘benandolfukindol’ (one pauper ten paupers.) Since Gasim married this pauper she can only bring pauper/paupers. Leave my son’s house and never come here again!”
Ramatoulie got up and said:
“Thank you for the assistance, how can I thank you enough? You are God sent to my family thank you.”
Mama snatched the cheque from her but Rama wrestled it from her hand and ran away.
“I’ll get you and if you eat that money you’ll die with your children!”
“God forbid mama! How can you be this wicked? Is it your money?” Chaa chided.
“It is my son’s money and mine as well, what do you have? Didn’t you not kill your parents wretched orphan?”
“Mama I used to cry when you said that but no more God dey mama! God dey! And God knows I have done everything to please you but to no avail and you have blatantly tell everyone who wishes to hear that you hate me with passion. I have taken it in good faith and I love you as my husband’s mother even though you hate me and as for our marriage it has been tied in the heavens and there is nothing you can do or say to split us; haven’t you tried everything before the marriage and after? Let us go down memory lane.”

Before the Marriage
“We met at campus and became the best of friends. I took him to my foster mother and at first sight she liked him and accepted me to marry him.
But when Gasim presented me to you, you hated me at first sight and you did and have done everything under the sun to break our union but God refused you the privilege; can you not give up your evil intentions?
You went to many seers who ate and are still eating your money but still cannot help you.”

During the Marriage
“Mama you swore that I’ll remain barren for life therefore when I got pregnant with Baaba you tried many times to abort my pregnancy with concoctions added to my food or drink but each time you failed.
The first time I visited the village you poisoned the sour milk you added to my pap (porridge) but before I drank it the bowl dropped and the pap splashed upon the floor and the stern look on your face showed that you were annoyed that your plan failed.”\
“How can I kill this evil woman who married my son against my wish? But God is with her, look the bowl dropped the poisoned pap she cannot eat it.” Mama reflected.

The Second Attempt
“During my pregnancy with Baaba you’ve also tried to poison me but it failed. I went to work and you went into my kitchen and poisoned the goat meat soup Margo was cooking for me as a pregnant woman different from the family pot but fortunately Margo saw you poured the soup and reported you to me but you denied it but when we asked you to swear by the Bible you declined and confessed that it was meant to estrange me from my husband.”

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She reflected;
“I never trusted her and both of us alike hated each other with passion. I was cooking Madam’s soup and i went behind and saw her shadow entering the kitchen. I hid behind the kitchen door and saw her put some powder into the soup. I held my mouth tiptoed when she left and poured the soup she immediately came back and scolded me.
‘How dare you pour Chaa’s soup? Are you mad? Do you think you can waste my son’s money just like that? Everything here is owned by my son.’
She slapped me and drove me out of the kitchen.”
Mama reflected;
“She is evil! Is she a seer? I fear this girl oh!”

The Third Attempt
During my pregnancy you and Lama came to the city to make my life hell in my husband’s house. Your useless son went into my kitchen and took food from the family pot even before my husband’s share and when I confronted him he said he will beat me and you supported him.
“Beat me useless so called ‘first son’ of the family! What have you achieved with the title? Don’t you cringe, crawl and bow before my husband your youngest sibling for crumbs? And when he helps you, you spend it on gambling, liquor and women who eat your money and leave you in the cold. Beat me and see what will happen to you.”
“Do you hear her mom! I’ll kill her and go to prison for it.” Lama posited.
“She is a living corpse, she will die and will not give birth, both her and the child will die!” Mama swore.
“Mama you lie you are not God I’ll give birth to a healthy child and both of us will live.”
“You confused my husband when he came and told him I denied both of you food; before he came you went to an Eatery and bought two takeaways and liquor which you brought home and dine.”

When he took me to clinic he told me about the lies you two levied against me.
“Why is mama not eating from the family pot?”
“I don’t know mama is queer we had contradiction when Lama went into the kitchen and took food from my pot even before I took out your share when I confronted him never to do such and should wait for his share he insulted, cursed and threatened to beat me up and mama sided him and swore to kill both me and my unborn child. Later when I gave her food both her and Lama rejected my food and mama went to the Eatery and bought takeaway.”
“I am very sorry just take it easy with mom as you know she is trouble.”
Gasim came home confronted both of them and asked them to return back to the village.
“Why are you two tormenting me? Have I not taken care of your needs? Did you lack anything in the village? Whenever you want to visit please let me be informed.”
“Inform you to visit my son’s house never? She has charmed you and turn you against your family but you’ll know that blood is thicker than water; I’ll go tomorrow very early in the morning but you have to settle your brother before I leave.”
Gasim drew a cheque and called Lama.
“Make use of your life and never come back to me for any assistance whatsoever, what I want reported to me is that you have set a lucrative village business and it is making profit and that you have decided to marry a wife and start a family; are you not over 40 years now?”
“Promise and this time around you’ll not found me wanting.” Lama promised.
“Didn’t I tell you mama? You were ashamed that’s why both of you cannot attend our Naming and Christening ceremony. Why are you here? You came without informing us just to come and make our lives hell you have failed!”
“I have also remembered when we were newly married and you visited us; what have you not done?”

Mama Rosa
I cannot sleep in my home I am afraid.” She complained at the couple bedroom.
“Mama! What do you want us to do?”
“I’ll sleep here.”

Sleep here with us? This is absurd! It cannot be I am very sorry.”
She spread a mat and slept on the floor while the couple slept on their bed. Later during the night she climbed the bed and slept between the couple. Chaa put her legs on her thinking it was Gasim but she pushed them back she awoke and called the name of God. Gasim awoke and they exclaimed together.
“What is this mama? Are you okay?” The couple rushed out and went to the guest room and she followed them there; they decided to sit at the settee and she came and sat between them.
“She will not impregnate her while I am alive.” She soliloqued.

Back to the present   
“Mama! Haven’t you tried everything and still you are not tired? Rama is my friend and I’ll help her whether you like it or not. I am being employed by the family business and I have every right to help who so ever I want to help; my husband your son is also being paid by the family business who is our employer as well as all the workers working in the companies. Get that into your thick skull and stop making trouble, are you not a woman of faith? Also I am a graduate just like your son.”

To be Cont.


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