SeyiiTolof- Tolof Part 42 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah The Journey The ‘aunties’ travelled with Neneh to Baaba in the hinterland. After a long sermon and resistance they finally convinced her to take in charms to fortify her marriage with Ken.Baaba Before she could announce herself Baaba greeted her calling her name and told her the mission she was pursuing. She is surprised as she whispered into Dor’s ear. “How did he know my name, did you discuss me with him?” Dor became crossed with her. “Are you insulting us, are we gossipers? He is a futurist, he sees through peoples’ past, present and future. Baaba prays for people and as a ‘man of God’ he answers his prayers, he is invited all over the sub region; rich guys built this mighty mosque and residence for him. Suit yourself to tell him your problems to solve it or go back to anyone you can trust. Say something and ease us the trouble and burden.” “Make yourself comfortable my daughter, this is the right place for you, I can see you are very troubled, enemies are around you, Ken your husband is a kind man with a big heart but he is very weak towards women/girls; someone at his office is about to steal his heart and you have to act fast or lose him forever; but don’t be worried I can help you but it will cost money.” Neneh “Don’t give me ‘juju’ but you can pray for me and my family so that our enemies won’t get at us. Charge and I’ll pay.” Baaba spoke to his idols and said aloud, “They asked for half a million to be fortified, no more no less. And it can be done through cheque.” Neneh drew the cheque without blink and the ‘aunties’ smiled. “Baaba! Help her, she is a good woman, big heart and generous, she did not blink in taking out the money.” Dor emphasized, concurred by the others. Baaba “I’ll surely help her, have I not done it for all the others you brought to me?” The ‘aunties’ shook their heads. He made the medicine and put it in a pot decorated in red cloth. “I do not give concoctions for food or drink, that is dangerous. I give amulets or jar charm to be placed at strategic places. Put it under your matrimonial bedroom only for a day as soon as you reach home, then remove it but Ken should not lay his eyes on it; if he does he will hate you for life, do you understand?” “Baaba! I do and it will be done as instructed.” Neneh was to return on the fourth day to report on progress. Ken He was being trailed by an unknown man who stopped him as he came out from the shopping centre to enter his transport. “Allah loves you but beware of your wife who is on the path to destroy you, observe her and also be observant and check your bed on and under, also the food she serves you eat together to ascertain it is not poison.” Ken is crossed with him; “Why are you trailing me from my office, the bank, then the shopping centre? If you follow me again I’ll alert the police.” “I am very sorry, I am just your guiding angel who means no harm, and you are a good man who should not be destroyed by an evil wife.” The man laughed aloud and went away. A New Neneh She dressed seductively in the favourite dress Ken bought for her from Dubai and she welcomed him in open arms which surprised her husband as he frowned. “Welcome my sunshine husband! Go and freshen up! I am at the kitchen preparing your favourite ‘chicken yassa coos-coos with home made cocktail juice’, I am off.” She kissed Ken and dosed him with his favourite sensuous perfume. Ken “Neneh has automatically transformed into that ‘sweet girl’ I married some ten years ago, Oh! It is fine! I love it!” He rushed into the bedroom and praised God. At the Bedroom He sat on the settee opposite the bed and started to undress starting with his shoes then he saw a red cloth on the bed and his heart skipped as he remembered what the queer man told him; he quickly pulled out his shoes and proceeded to the bed with caution, then he pulled away the mattress and what did he see? There at the centre of the floor underneath was a small jar of charm wrapped with red cloth and he screamed aloud like thunder and rushed down to get Neneh. Ken “Neneh come here! Where are you?” He thundered. Neneh She heard the shout and startled. “What is it Ken? What has happened?” Ken He came and grappled her by the collar and dragged her to the bedroom and showed her the charm. “Neneh! What is this?” She collapsed and fainted. Ken was flabbergasted. He called his best pal Sailu to come immediately to his house to bear him witness. Sailu He was short of words. “Estouwarrsikowcontuwarr’ (wonders shall never end) I could have never believed this, Neneh? She looks so cute and innocent; she was a good wife and mother; why should she do such a thing? I am definitely sure that those terrible, calculating ‘aunties’ must have led her into this; Mama Ndungu is not diabolical and is really a virtuous hard working woman.” Ken “Mama seems okay but after Neneh’s shock who else should I believe? What did I not do for this ingrate? She took me for granted, her mom and brother did everything to get sense into her but to no avail, now her next project is to destroy me through ‘juju’; what have I done for Neneh? My family stays abroad and I held her family as mine and this is what I get as my gratitude, I am done with this evil woman and she has to leave my house as she came with nothing; she goes back to her wretched life with nothing.” Sailu “My hands are tied I cannot give you any advice as of now; this is diabolical life and death the moment a spouse starts to use juju anything can happen with concoctions added to food or drink. I also fear for my life that if the ‘innocent’ Neneh through bad influence can do this what about my ‘devil’ Njombat who is ‘dry eye cover shame’? Only Allah can save us from the hand of the devil. Boy friend suit yourself and whatever decision you take I support you.” Ken “I am afraid to spend the night in my house, I’ll check in, in a hotel until in the morning when I’ll call my Seringe to cleanse my house of juju.” To be Cont.]]>