SeyiiTolof – Part 88 EPISODE 7 (Difficult Marriages – Taking the other Spouse for Granted)


By Amie Sillah

Ndombe’s Office
Ken has lost control and patience as he ran to Ndombe for help.

He came panting and gasping;
“Ndombe I need your help! Come and see Sue dressing any how, late nights and sometimes nights out, she is definitely cheating on me, I need your help please it is not fair and all this being done under my very nose.”

She smiled and said;
“But that was what you’ve signed on the Divorce papers; she no longer owes you any obligation you are officially divorced and legally living apart.”

“Ms. Bruce that is the cause of the problem which make her loose and out of control!”

But you’ve sign the papers Ken!”

“But I did not know she will sign it! Help me Ms. Bruce I am losing it! If I lose Susan I’ll kill myself and kill her!”

“Is that a threat? But suicide is cowardice act and killing is barbaric, is she the only woman on earth? How do you want me to help you? Do you want your wife back?”

He sighed deeply and asked;
“Is that possible Ndombe Bruce? I am losing it!”

At Ken’s Home
He wants reconciliation; he climbed the stairs to the third floor to go to Sue’s room.
“Babe! Have you seen my cassettes I put at the drawing board?”

A Big Surprise and Shock
He saw the toy machine and questioned its use there.
“What is this thing doing here? I know but why here?” He is shock.

She answered with sarcasm to torture his mind.
“Least you know its here to replace you, I am human and it is the same size and shape as you and it is your name sake.

“You are officially insane! I am here and available and you use this thing? I’ll not share my house with it!” He threatened.

“Don’t tell me you are jealous of an inanimate object?” She laughed hysterically.
“Get out of my room I have work to do!”
He left reluctantly but came back and eavesdropped at the door. Sue put on the machine and pretended to be having fun screaming with enjoyment.
Ken seethed with anger wanted to open the door but restrained himself and went away heartbroken.

Mama’s Baby
He went back to Mama Ken and reported Sue, she came home angry and insulting.
“You are not going to kill my only son! There are rules to play the game if you don’t take time you’ll leave here with nothing!” She threatened.

Another Surprise
“I don’t intend to leave here with anything, I am a graduate with skills to sell at the labour market, I am just here to make my kids be acquainted to live without mom and when I am ready I am off from here!”

“How do you intend to do that now that you are sleeping with both man and doll?”

“K.B knows everything, I’ve told him and he understands.

Mama Ken
You’ll not be allowed to morally corrupt my grandchildren!”

“What are you afraid of? K.B knows everything!”

Mama Ken
“It is not true I speak to K.B everyday and he never told me.”

“Don’t bank upon your luck you are only a grandmother and not a mother and they have already known the part you’ve played in breaking up their parents.”

“What about me?”He asked.

He’ll not speak to you until he comes back.

But I am his father!”

“Are you? I am also his mother,” she touched her breasts; “who has suckled him! Ken you know it I am a good mother and;” She sighed, “was a good wife!” She left.

He lamented in self pity;
“I’ve lost my wife! And now my children!

Mama Ken
“You have not lose your children trust me in this one, I’ll talk to them in the evening and you can also talk to them without mentioning your contradiction with their mother; I’ll handle it they are endeared to me and our bond is very strong.” She caressed him as a baby.
“Cheer up my baby!”
“Is Ken not a ‘big baby’? Spoilt child! I am their match box; enough is enough! Any small argument he rushed to his ‘village champ’ to come and fight for him. I kept the madness from my family, I can fight for myself I was the one who chose him from the multitude.” Sue soliloqued.

At the Dining
Ken has greatly missed Sue’s culinary tricks and is dissatisfied with anyone’s cooking.
“Have you eaten something?” Mama Ken asked. She called Maggie to bring in the food and Ken frowns and has lost appetite even before tasting the food.
“It is nice, taste it!” She encouraged Ken who is reluctant to do so.

The Game
Sue cooked his delicacy and came to the dining munching singing and smiling. Ken cannot concentrate on his food but kept on peeping at Sue’s plate who munched louder mocking him. Mama pretended she does not exist and tried to encourage Ken to do so but to no avail.
“It is nice Ken, eat your food!” She encouraged. But the sweet scent from Sue’s plate cannot allow him as it teases his taste buds and make them watery.
“What is the matter Ken? Eat your food, it is nice.”
Ken ignored her and he became absent minded.

At the Kitchen
After dining Ken crept into the kitchen locked the door behind him and scavenged the leftover from Sue’s pot and scraped it blank.
“Oh what a fool! What have I get myself into, such a tasty food which I’ve missed for a while now!”

She wore a sexy nighty shaking and provoking Ken. She was coming up as Ken was coming down hiding something she frowns her face and walked past him.

Missing ‘Thing’
She attacked Maggie for her missing ‘thing’.
“Where is it? You were the one who swept my room!”

She defended herself;
“it is Boss who took your ‘thing’ I saw him coming out of your room after I swept there.”
“Get out from here!” Susan scolded her.
“I am speaking the truth! I am speaking the truth!”

Ken smiled mischievously and mocked Sue.

To be Cont.