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SeyiiTolof – Part 54 (Difficult Marriages)


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By Amie Sillah

She started to have serious nightmares dreaming strange things and being spoken to, to confess to be saved from God’s wrath she decided to call her fellow conspirators.   “Let us confess to save ourselves from God’s wrath. I’ve been having these serious dreams persistently for the past 10 days but I refused to tell you but it refused to go. I went to a powerful seer and she told me to expose what I am hiding with some people. She said we should ask for forgiveness from the offended person to avert impending doom. ” She posited.
Her friends rebuked and laughed at her.
“You are a coward! What are you talking about? Do you want to betray us? The seer is lying and Allah will punish her.” Mam and Mengeh posited.

“I’ve spoken oh! The sooner the better for all of us, don’t say I did not warn you!”

“I suspect she has acute malaria go to the clinic or better still go to the pharmacy to buy drugs.” She mocked.

At Home
She invited Lolly and seriously spoke to her.
“Dorothy is getting soft and wants to betray us and I would not allow it to happen we have already gone very far in our game and should not drop the batten; we have to change tactics, I want Ken’s documents, can I have them sooner than later there is no time?”

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She is not convinced of the new tactic as she cautioned her sister.
“Sister I think we should quit and let me move with my plans with my semester, we have gained enough from the project let’s go before it is too late.”

“We have not gain much I want more, it is now my game let me lead, try and get his documents and leave it to me, let it be secret between the two of us don’t let those foolish duo to know anything about it; am I understood?”

   “Very well understood! Can I leave now?”
“Yes, you can but try more there is no time.”

Since he suspected Lolly’s mission he tricked her by photocopying his documents and kept the original with Sailu for safeguard.

   She perfected the game by pretending to be a good and dutiful wife serving Ken to the fullest.
“Have you eaten and drank your drugs? Take it easy upon yourself, I’ll go to the kitchen and prepare your fruit salad.”
Ken smiled and thanked her.
“You’ve been discovered, I am on top of the game woman!” He soliloquized. He pretended to eat and drink her food but never did as Sailu kept giving him food to replace Lolly’s.
She asked Ken his documents.
“Sweetie I want to keep your documents for safety you never know and I fear your deceitful friend since we don’t have an issue as yet.”

“Why are you urgently asking for my documents? Do you see my death coming?”

She gave a sarcastic laughter and said;
“It is call preparation and planning, life and death are separated by a thin thread, am I not a good wife?”
Ken kept muted without comment.

Her philanthropic work got her closer to the people, a seer seen by the ‘aunties’ happen to come to her for assistance and when she assisted him he gave her some vital information.

“Your so called ‘good aunties’ plotted against you and your husband’s second wife is their making, Lolly was planted to wrecked Ken but Allah will fight your battle your ‘clean heart’ is your greatest defense. You don’t want amulet but all the same I’ll pray for you and Insha Allah you’ll prosper. Amen!”

He paid him a visit and Lolly was not at home.
“I was scared and at the same time disappointed when you narrated what Lolly told you; didn’t I tell you that she is fake and on a mission but we are ahead of her in the game just continue to pretend that everything is normal. What sort of people do we now have in this world? Drugs are not the solution to your problem reunite with your former family and give Neneh a second chance as we have both concluded now that she is far better than Lolly if Neneh was ‘defecating and urinating’ what is Lolly doing now, ‘defecating, urinating and vomiting? Let’s call a spade a spade.”

She decided to betray her cohorts, partners in crime.Lolly brought her the documents and she became excited.
“I am going to sell all the properties and will be super rich, my boutique will be replicated in all the trading centres of the country and I’ll be travelling all over the world as Ken used to do. Am I not lucky and the smartest among the trio? I now have D30 million in my account and after the sale of the properties that amount will be triple. I’ll quit my ‘vegetable husband’ and marry a young, strong and virile lad. I’ve told Dor and Mengeh that I’ve gone for a business trip to Dakar.” She advised Lolly to tell them that.
“I don’t want to be disturbed while I plan for our future.” She drank heavy liquor and whirled around her bedroom in excitement.
Bang she fell and dropped dead at the spot.
Lolly and Mam’s husband were devastated as they could not comprehend what has happened.

She came in trance.
“What have I heard? Is it true? But Mam told me she has gone to Dakar for a business trip? This is unbelievable! I told them of the impending doom but they disbelieved me, I have to confess oh, I don’t want to die.”

She is surprised;
“What are you talking about Aunty Dor? What confession?”
Dor rushed out and went straight to Ken’s house Lolly after her.

She was travelling to the provinces to check on her businesses but got involved in a fatal accident and died at the spot.
Dor being the sole survivor is terribly scared of her life.
“I must see Ken to save my life, I told them about the revelation but they would not believe me, now look at their terrible end, have they taken their wealth to the grave?”

To be Cont.

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