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Seyii Tolof- Tolof Part11 (Difficult Marriages)


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By Amie Sillah Njogu He came to get his reply from Mam. She invited him into the sitting room and served refreshment. Embarrassment Cissy came and found a posh car parked at her gate and she wandered who the owner was. She entered and saw the hostess entertaining her host. The duo got up and greeted her but instead she scolded her sister and threw angry invectives at Mam. Cissy “Who is this nincompoop brandishing his useless manhood at my sitting room? How dare you bring a man into my home entertaining him in my sitting room? Before the count of three let me see your sorry ass out of my abode,” she scolded Njogu. Mam “Sister take it easy Njogu is my friend and he means well, why are you embarrassing me like this? I am 21 years and can take good care of myself, I am just respecting you but you’ve taken it too far. This is unacceptable!” The Unexpected Cissy swung and slapped her sister at the face which shocked the duo. Njogu She wanted to hit her back but Njogu held her hand. “Don’t, she is your elder and don’t behave like her.” Cissy She blasted them with more angry invectives. “After everything I’ve done for you, you are now replacing me with a deceitful man who has come to use and dump you; men are all the same, cheats and liars; follow him you’ll only reap sorrow in the end.” She got into her kitchen came out and flashed cold water at Njogu. Njogu “I am out of here, your sister hates me with passion, she is a frustrated spinster, I don’t know what experience she had in the past but I am not the one whom she describes, you are old enough to live your life as you deem fit. I am not here to draw a hedge between the two of you.” Njogu left as she threatened to smash his car. Mam She visited her other sober friend Mam Mbissine. She narrated her experience and decided to stay with her to teach Cissy a lesson. “This lady is selfish and has never shown me any respect as she treats me as a slave and not a sibling; I’ve served her to the best of my ability, I am now a working lady and can take good care of myself.” Mam Mbissine “You are welcome to my humble abode; my husband has gone on trek and would not mind even if he comes back. You are the only friend he approves of because of your discipline. Who is this man in question, is he worth the salt?” Mam “‘Chinnsu ndaa re neeh su bahhe hennge’ (The smell of the pot is a signal to the sweet taste.) Njogu is a gentleman and I believe him and will not allow this frustrated spinster to spoil my chance to marry a good husband,” she whispered into Mbissine’s ear and she is amused. Cissy She visited Minah and explained her side of the story and she gave her a sympathetic ear which she appreciated very well. Minah “I’ll speak to my friend and ask her to listen to your side of the story before she passes her judgment.” Cissy She showed her appreciation and praised Minah for her maturity. The Trio Meeting The meeting took place at a park and Cissy spilt the bin. Cissy “We were a perfect couple until your dad showed me his true colours. My best friend warned me about men deception but I never believed her until I caught him with his personal secretary. I reacted and beat the hell out of the woman but instead of lessening, sexting of your dad with women poised in compromising postures invaded my cyber space, I could not hold the marriage again but had to run for my dear life. I was young, immature and irrational to have left my three months old baby to my nanny.” She stooped down and broke down emotionally in front of the girls who could not stop their tears. She held Ndungs feet. “I am very sorry my daughter, I regretted my action, find it in your heart to forgive me; I never got married since I left your father; I hate and fear men. I’ll never have a child again; please give me the chance to be a mother again.” Ndungs    She became emotional and wept bitterly. Minah “Your story is pathetic but your daughter has broken emotionally, give her time to digest everything and heal then we will get back to you but please stop stalking her.” Cissy She felt relieved that she has spoken and gave her side of the story and she is happy that even though her daughter is emotional but she has a sober friend who gave her sympathetic ears. At Njogu’s House He was at home relaxing and watching a movie when he heard a knock at the door. Njogu “Who is there let me come and open the door for you?” Who was there? Mbissine came in smiling. Njogu He is not comfortable in light shorts showing his thigh muscles. “Where is your friend?” He sheepishly asked. The Unexpected Mam Mbissine began to behave strangely she started to pull down her seductive dress and sat on Njogu’s lap. He screamed and pushed her away. Njogu “What’s wrong with you, are you okay? What do you want to do? Are you not Buutor’s best friend whom she introduced to me just last week? And what are you doing now, trying to seduce me? Even if I’m a flirt certainly not with my fiancée’ best pal. Stop such an evil act before I report you to her and she will know the type of serpent friend you are.” Mbissine She laughed with sarcasm and persisted all the more. “Don’t act as holier than though, are you not a man, a virile one at that, I brought some Viagra which will make you strong throughout the night. Look at my sensuous body all for you, forget about Mam, she is not around and I can never tell her, will you tell her?” Njogu He screamed rushed into his room and shut himself up. “Go away seductress! I can never betray my fiancée, your best friend; I was a filthy flirt who has slept with women of all shapes, sizes, colours and classes but not any more since I met my fiancée Mam Buutor. I love her and have vowed never to be unfaithful to her not even with her beautiful, sensuous serpent of a friend.” Mbissine She would not take no for an answer; she went into tantrums, banging the door but to no avail as Njogu firmly shut himself up until the morning. Mbissine went to the guest room and nursed her wound. “Look at this fool! I offered him my sensuous body for free and he slapped me at the face; I’ll deal with him. We will see how he will marry Mam; I’ll poison her mind against him.” To be Cont.  ]]>

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