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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 74 EPISODE 5 (Difficult Marriages- In Law Experience from another angle)


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By Amie Sillah

He threatened to deal with Jewo for playing with his emotions.
“She thinks she is smart but we shall see!”

A customer entered and went to the Jeans Section and checked on the matching shirts.
“I chose this jean but I could not see a matching shirt; could you help me find one?”
“Let me go into the showroom and get you one.” She went and the customer put something into one of the coat’s purse and waited for her. She came out and shown him two colours. He shook his head and said;
“Am sorry none is my colour.”
“Let me go and bring in more colours.”
“Until another time I am in a hurry.” He left.
“Some customers are very difficult to please.” She sighed.

He saw Jewru with his daughter waiting for a cab; he stopped, came down and stooped before him.
He apologized and confessed.
“I planted the fraud and placed it upon your head as the head of section but since then I never found peace and my conscience cannot sleep. Let us go to an eatery and I’ll explain more.

At the Eatery
“I never found peace of mind and all my transactions were futile and when I confided in my wife she advised me to right the wrong I’ve meted out to you and to go back to the bank authorities and explain what has happened and pay the sum to free you; but I’ve decided to talk to you first before going any further. We will go together and I’ll pay and ensure you are exonerated and compensated before returning back to the States where I reside and work.

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He asked for a mat and prayed 2 ‘rakas’ and praised Allah.
I am absolved and my distractors are put to shame.

Things turn around
He was fully compensated and all his assets returned to him. Satang was fully paid and given bonus; Jalika was transferred to a better school; Jewru gave Bangs some money grant to augment his business.
“A friend in need is a friend indeed! Thank you very much my best pal.”Jewru posited.

   Some drug officers came and asked Tenneng about her Madam.
Can we see your Madam?”
   She went upstairs and called her.

“Hello! What can I do for you?”
They showed their identity.
“We have come to search your boutique. We have been reliably informed that you sell hard drugs and use the boutique as a camouflage.”
She laughed and scolded them;
“Sirs, I sell clothes and not drugs!” She laughed hysterically.

“Can we search?”
   “Go ahead! “She laughed at them.
The senior officer sent them to search different sections but nothing was seen then Officer Harry decided to search coat purses and what did he see?
In one of them inner coats he pulled out two sachets of cocaine and raised them up.
“What are these?” He asked.
Jewo panicked.
“These are not mine where did you get them?” She cried.
“Where we get them? You’ll explain at Headquarters.” Harry posited.
“Handcuffed her!” He ordered.

She was shattered as nemesis has finally caught up with her.
“Mama put me into this mess, she encouraged me to sin against my innocent husband; Allah is now punishing me.” She cried.

Yaa Sigi
She tried everywhere but could not release her daughter. She visited Drug Prevention Headquarters but could not penetrate the thick bureaucracy. She visited Bangs and cried.
I sin against Allah and nemesis has finally caught up with me; I encouraged my daughter to play bond and disobeyed her husband, how can I approach him to release his wife? Please prevail over him as his best friend.” She stooped and begged.

“Mama that is a tall order what you did is horrible, don’t put asunder what Allah has put together. Jewru is angry with your family I’ll try to appease him but it will not be easy.”
He visited his friend but he would not listen to him.

“Let sleeping dog lie and please I don’t want to hear anything from that cursed family, Mama warned me but I disobeyed her, I am now thinking of marrying a faithful wife my mom have chosen for me. She is in fact my maternal cousin, a barrister by profession.” He bluffed.


“You are a Muslim man entitled to 4 wives if you are abled and definitely a Bank Manager you are able to but remember Jewo your first wife the mother of your beautiful daughter Jalika, after the heavy rain and thunder storm comes sun shine, she is now remorseful, bail her out for old time sake and forgive her to err is human but to forgive is divine.
But Jewru would not hear any of it.

Unexpected Visitors
Yaa Sigi with Suuhur came in subdued.
Jewru scolded the security.
“Why did you let these people in?”
Musa begged for understanding.
“I am going to sack you.” Musa cried and asked for mercy.
“Please look to Allah! Don’t sack me, I cannot deny them entry they begged me in the name of God.”

She rushed to them and brought them along.
They all stooped before him and Jewru scolded mama.

He hissed and ignored his in-laws.
“Forgive me I err in judgment and ill-advised my daughter to play bond with men. Nemesis have caught up with me I am very sorry.” She sobbed bitterly.

He chipped in.
“You’ll forgive but really not to forget. What Allah has put together let no man put asunder.”

He visited the DPO and found out that his classmate heads the office and he was very surprise to see him.
“What are you doing here?” He asked.
“My wife is under your custody and I am here to see whether I can bail her.”

“Of course it is bailable offence you can bail her. It will be okay our investigation have found out that she was framed up and we have a suspect to investigate to come to the gist. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.”

The Release
     Jewru went to the station to get Jewo released.

He came out and stood at his transport.
Bangs came to him and asked him to forgive his wife.
“To err is human but to forgive is divine; you love yourselves accept her and you move ahead.”

She is ashamed of herself, she timidly went to her husband and stooped before him.
“Mama deceived me but I now know better; I wrong you please forgive me.” She sobbed bitterly.
Jewru hesitated but everyone urged him to act.
“Stand up!” He told his wife and he embraced her. Jalika came into the hug as well as Yaa Sigi and Suuhur.

   He met his Waterloo.
The investigators came to arrest him and his accomplice Ramla was there and was picked along and they were charged in court as the big shot drug barons of the country.

End of EPISODE 5.


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