Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 73 EPISODE 5 (Marriage Difficulties – In-Law Interference another Angle)


By Amie Sillah

At the Clinic
AjaNdungu came from the village with anxiety. She asked Bangs to explain what had happened.

Musa explained that there was confrontation between the couple, which later turned into a brawl.Suuhur intervened on her sister’s side and hit Jews with a pestle and he fell upon the floor, something has to be done mama if not there will be disaster.If Musa was not around Jews would have lost his life. “

Aunty Ndungu
“I said it he married into a cursed family but he said love! Love! Love! What stupid love? If they end up killing him then he will go to heaven with love!” She snapped.

“Mama we have to talk peace! Peace! And peace, it is very sensitive and we have to tread with caution,” he advised.

Family Meeting
Go-Betweens from both families plus Bangs Jews’ best pal attended it but tempers flared up between the mothers-in-law.
“I said it I was never for this marriage which was doom from the onset. I don’t know what they have given him but if they end up killing him it serves him right.An elder sits down and see afar while a child climbs the tallest tree and sees nothing,” Aunty Ndungu snapped.
Suuhur chipped in;
“He calls it upon himself, how can he use our dear one as a punching bag? I for one will never allow it!”
“Shut up! Who are you? Are we your mates? Who asks your opinion rude, cheeky brat? Do you have any home training? Are you a go-between?” Aunty Ndungu scolded her.
“Don’t shout at my daughter, she can speak because everything happened at her eyes; to all of us it is only hear say,” YaaSigi defended her daughter.
“Like mother like daughter! Are you any better? Isn’t it my son who raised your family status? And now your bad luck, cursed family has pulled him down.But this marriage will end and he will rise again Insha Allah! Your ‘juju’ can’t do anything as we are true servants of the Lord,” Aunty Ndungu posited.
“Kettle dey call coal black! ‘Wahisahgejah koi tontu’ (worm’s words are replied to by worms),” YaaSigi posited.
“I told you mama this wicked woman hates me,” Jewo snapped.
Aunty Ndungu rushed to hit her but the elders restrained her and called for sanity to prevail.

Pa Dodou
“Make peace we are here for it and not name calling, insults and hatred. Let sanity prevail as you all call yourself women of faith.”
“I’ll not make peace with idiots and inconsequential nonentities, who are they, paupers? I am going back to the village, no peace until my only son divorces this cursed woman.”
“Have you heard her? Let him divorce my daughter and tomorrow he will see her happily married again. We also don’t want to make peace with a pig,” YaaSigi bluffed.
Aunty Ndungu went out urging her son to take drastic action to free himself from anguish and misery.
“You know what to do, do it.” She advised her son and left.

Pa Dodou
Don’t take any hasty, rash decision, it is marriage.After heavy rain and storm comes sunshine. Our people say ‘saayelukotaakatikkiwooko.’ (What marriage ties does not untie it). I advise you to put everything in prayer and act wisely. Suuhur have to go home and leave the couple to sort themselves out.She is too young to be a subject in her elder sister’s marriage.It does not tell well for her character and Sigi.It was a mistake to send her to come and stay with her sister in the first instance, she is rude and a ‘panka’,” he posited as Suuh sulked and hissed.
“Behave yourself!” YaaSigi scolded her.
“This is what I am talking about,” Pa Dodou posited.

Jalika changed to a mission school due to financial constraints. She became very close to her dad to the wrath of her mother.
“Dad! Mom hates me for getting close to you. She has changed for the worse but I’ll never abandon you. You are a good father and my friend; mom has no time for me.”

Her business blossomedand she started to flirt with other big shots to the annoyance of Alhajj.
Ramla visited her boutique and asked for a loan to be later paid at a convenient date but she flatly refused giving out flimsy excuses.
“Don’t forget yesterday any one who forgets the past is not a good person.” Ramla spoke in proverbs.
“I don’t have liquid cash; don’t you see my boutique with new stuff? I would have loaned you but I don’t have; till next week,” Jewo posited.
“Alhajj is complaining.Be careful he is a sly fox who can cause trouble.” Ramla advised.
“Let him do worse than he has! Is he my husband? If he wants control let him exercise it on his three wives! What a cheek!” She snapped.

He came and asked after her but her shop attendant Tenneng said she had gone out. Alhajj saw her hand bag on the table and her car parked outside the compound.
“But what about her car?”
“She took a cab to economize her petrol.
Oh I see!” Alhajj smiled looking at her bag on the table.
“Can I go upstairs and wait for her?”
“She locked the room before she went out.”
“Okay when she comes back tell her I came.”
“Thank you Alhajj I’ll tell her.” He winked at her and left.
“Thank God! He has not gone up.Jewo is upstairs enjoying her young guy whom she refers to as ’her baby.’Allahforgive me for the lies I am telling tocover up this sinful lady.”

She thinks she is smart, let us see how the puzzle will end!”

The Second Turn Around
Jews went to get his daughter from school.He is late today because he went to collect his debts from debtors. Jalika’s teacher was worried, she took her outside and was contemplating putting her on a cab to take her home but she changed her mind.
“We have to take great care of children entrusted in our care.If worse comes to worse I’ll take her home and her parents will collect her from there.”
Jews appeared deeply regretting the trouble he put the concerned teacher.
“I am very sorry, I was on hectic transactions which took my whole time.”
“What about your wife or house help can they not chip in for you?”
“My wife is on a tight schedule and my house help cannot leave the house. But I promise it will never happen again.”
“Okay, your excuses are genuine but please phone to reassure the school,” Ms. Bah advised.

To be Cont.