Seyii Tolof – Tolof – Part 71 EPISODE 5 (Difficulty in Marriages – In-law interference from another angle)


By Amie Sillah

Sir Biram (Benjamin)
He is a Don head of a secret ‘kabudu’ (cult) he wanted Jewru to join but he refused he is angry with him and swore to frustrate him in any venture.

He went to the Don for help but he churns him with sarcasm.
“Mr. Right, his Holiness! What can I do for you? I am a sinner and all my wealth is given by the devil I am very sorry I cannot help you.” Sir Biram posited.
Jewru left heart broken.

She is a faithful house keeper who went through thick and thin to stay with the Jammeh during their trials and tribulations and she is deeply connected to their daughter Jalika. She has gone up to Middle School but could not continue due to poverty which forces her to work as a house help. She is well behaved and tolerant which endeared her to the Jammeh family.

Difficulties Ahead
Things became tough for the family; cost of living and all that, utility, medical bill and Jalika’ schooling. Bangaly is the only faithful friend who helps him through and through.
Jainaba helps with the profit she gets from her boutique which affects her business which kept dwindling.
Mama, Suuhur and Ramla would not leave her alone as they kept trying to coax her to play bond but so far she resisted.

“Alhajj is still waiting patiently to help but you are stubborn; you are now busy feeding a jobless husband who is acting holier than thou. Let’s wait and see how long it lasts.

Yaa Sigi
“How is your business, your jobless husband? You still refuse to wake up and smell the coffee. Let’s wait and see how long it will last.” She mocked with her song.
“Jewru will rise again! Jewru will rise again!” She got up and danced the song. Suuhur concurred referring to her sister as being naïve.
“Sister listen to what mama and Ramla are advising you to do, it is for the benefit of your family.”

“What are you saying, for me to play bond and desecrate my marriage?”
“A husband has to feed, clothe and house his wife and if he cannot do these basic things he can no longer be referred to as the man of the house,” Mama and Suu posited.

Turn Around
Jewru went to collect Jalika from school and as they waited for a cab an old work mate stopped and came down to greet him.

Ms. Mamayahare
She went on a sabbatical and has just come home.
After exchanging greetings:
“I came back and heard your trials and tribulations; I disbelieved it, the Jewru I know cannot engage in fraud; it is a set up by the distractors but ‘God dey’ and you are a faithful, devout Muslim, Allah will see you through. Hop in I’ll give you a lift.” She took them home and came down hugged him and took out a bundle of notes.
“Things are hard and as a family man without monthly salary it is hell; take this token from a sister colleague a good turn deserves another; you have helped me a lot in the past.“
“Allah is seeing us through, it is alright Ms. Dukureh.” They hugged each other and she drove away, both dad and daughter waved her good bye.

Jainaba saw it all from a distance and hell got loose! She drew conclusions and rushed to mama.

“Mama I am very sorry for doubting your judgment.”

Yaa Sigi
She appeared confused and asked;
“What judgment are you talking about?”

Jewru is a pig!” She snapped.

Yaa Sigi
She laughed hysterically.
“Are you the one complaining, faithful wife? His Holiness! Isn’t he? Go and bear virtuous woman, ‘Ajaana Mariama’! What has he done out of the ordinary? I am all ears.”

“Jewru is cheating on me. I saw it with my naked eyes kissing and hugging a sophisticated lady driving a car. She in fact gave him a bundle of new notes which he took. Now it is tit for tat, I’ll play bond with Alhajj and any other guy ready to drop the cash.”

Yaa Sigi
She drew her daughter and hugged her.
“That is my daughter you have to play your cards very well. I was a fool to put all my eggs in one basket when I married your father; being the first wife, a beauty. He married younger wives and relinquished me to the back. I was no longer appreciated in the market and I regretted playing the innocent wife until it was too late. Make hay while the sun shines is my candid advice.

“Thank you mom as you are the best mother in the whole wide world. What would I have done without you?” She in turn hugged and kissed her mom. Now they concurred, seeing eye to eye.

She told her everything and she laughed hysterically.
“Welcome to the new world, we will soon be there.”

He came with Ramla and she left him there. They quickly got connected and made their own arrangement.
“Give me your account number and I’ll handsomely reward you to replenish your business.”

She got up and kissed him passionately.
“Thank you very much for the gift and you’ll surely not find me wanting.”

“Just be nice to me and you’ll lack nothing.”

   Overnight she became a ‘big girl’ and her business blossomed. She now ignores her matrimonial duties and is very disrespectful to her husband whom she treats as thrash. She comes back home late at night, neglecting Jalika and leaving everything to Satang with a commander attitude openly bossing it over her.

He is dumbfounded with the new Jewo. As a peaceful man he waited until they were alone in bed and he questioned her new attitude.
He woke her up but she got irritated and scolded him.
“Why are you spoiling my sleep. It must be a very good reason or I’ll be crossed with you?”
“Sweet heart you have changed from the loving wife I married into something else I don’t understand; what have I done wrong? Can I learn? Because how you are going with things is affecting our whole family and can wreck it if not halted.”

“Change is inevitable and as a human being I cannot keep feeding a jobless man who can afford to flirt around while I run around to keep our home together. My mother, sister and friend advised me a long time ago but I refused to open my ears. Dear husband if you cannot bear the heat get out of the kitchen!” She hissed and turned her back at her husband.

“What are you talking about? Me flirting? With who? You have to explain in the morning.”
To be Cont.