Seyii Tolof – Tolof – Part 70 Episode 5 (Difficult Marriages- Another angle of In –law interference)


By Amie Sillah

Jewru a family man, responsible husband and dotting father for her only girl child Jalika. He is also a top ranking bank manager. He is married to a responsible wife and mother Jainaba who dotted on her family. She read business management in school and came out with flying colours. Jewru opened a clothes shop for her and she is managing it very well.

Yaa SIgi Jainaba’s mom stays at the suburbs in one of her late husband’s house, a well built duplet. The old man was a contractor and Mama was the first wife but was only blessed with 2 daughters. The other two wives have 4 and 3 sons respectively and therefore have more of the assets and cash money.
Jewru supports his mother in law and sponsors Mama’s chaat Suuhur who is learning designing in a Craft Management School.

At the Bank

Jewru is very hardworking, studious and helpful at his bank then the unexpected happened.

It was discovered that a fraud did take place and his name was central. He was suspended. His assets frozen and arrested. His wife and best pal Bangaly bailed him while investigations continue.

Status Changes
He has to relocate to a duplet with his family. His friend Bangaly lend him to squat until he is sorted out from the case.

She is having difficulty in adjusting to the lowering of her family status. Her friends at school continued asking her embarrassing questions.
“Why did your family transfer from a mansion to a duplet?” They kept on asking her but she could not give them any answer but instead came home and harassed her parents.
“Dad! When are we going back to our big house?”

“The big house is being renovated and whenever it is ready we will go back to live in it.”
“But my friends are mocking at me saying we have dropped from grace to grass.”
“Don’t mind them Allah is great the faithful have to endure trial and tribulation Insha Allah we will be great again because I have been falsely accused and the good lord will surely vindicate me. Be contented with what we have and ignore your ignorant friends.”

Yaa Sigi
She changed overnight and became a bitter opponent of her son in law calling him all sorts of names and encouraging her daughter to flirt with rich men to compensate her husband’s loss of income but Jainaba resisted her.
“’Ajaana Mariama’!Look at how shabby you look? You are young and beautiful play bond and don’t allow your wretched husband to drag you down, you are now using your profit to run your family and that should not be.”

She is Jainaba’s best pal and a player.
“Life is to eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you’ll die; Alhajj my business partner likes you, why can’t you give him a chance to spoil you and replenish your falling business?”

She scolded her and threatened to come down from her transport.
“Never tell me those Satanic words again! I’ll repeat I’ll never flirt. I want to stay a virtuous woman and go through our trial and tribulation together; he is a very good, responsible husband and dad. Spare me of your evil sermons.”

   “Ponder over it sooner or later you’ll come to your senses until then Alhajj is patient to wait.”

Arranged Meeting
Ramla tricked her and arranged a meeting at Jainaba’s boutique. She was surprised when she saw her at the boutique with Alhajj. Out of courtesy she tolerated them but scolded him when he made advances at her.

“I am happily married and I am what I am today due to my husband’ help now that our family is undergoing trial and tribulations do not mean I have to be unfaithful to him? I am sorry, go back to your three wives and be faithful and responsible to them.”
Ramla encouraged Alhajj to give Jainaba more time to come back to her senses, they left with high hope.

Yaa Sigi
Jainaba visited her mom and complained about how Ramla was trying to hook her to Alhajj.
“ She is evil a Satanic friend, how can she encourage me to flirt when our family is undergoing trial and tribulation? I’ll never be unfaithful to Jewru who always gives me support through thick and thin.”
She gave a hysterical laughter.
“What is wrong with your best friend connecting you to affluence and influence at your time of need? You should be thankful but not to chide at her.”

“Mama! Are you the one to encourage me to be unfaithful to my husband who did everything for you when he was able? Mom this is unfair and I for one can never be such a person. Jewru will rise again, Allah willing.”

Yaa Sigi
She laughed hysterically and started singing mockery songs.
“Jewru will rise again! Jewru will rise again! Insha Allah Jewru will rise again!”
Jainaba hissed and left her mother’s abode.

At Home
Her mother and Ramla’s taunts and pressure strengthened her resolve to help her husband with full gear.
“I’ll give Jewru full support and would not allow the devil to draw a wedge between us.” She swore.
She ensured his delicacies are still cooked as well as all the comfort he used to enjoy. She encouraged him to have faith that after the rains sunshine shall come again.
“Don’t be hard upon yourself Allah is just testing our resolve.” She told her husband.

“What should I have done without a virtuous wife? Thank you very much and I’ll never betray your trust.” He kissed and prayed for her.

Jewru visited friends who would promise up to the last minute but would disappoint him.

Charles (Mindorr)
He is a successful importer/exporter and Jewru helped him secure a fat loan at his bank.
Jewru opened a small business of selling household food items. He went to Mindorr for him to entrust him to replenish his shop but he gave some excuses.
“I have entrusted loans to a lot of clients who are yet to pay back, as a result I have now embargoed such a trend until I’ve recovered all my moneies; give me time and come back by the 15th of next month.”
As they were there he got a phone call of a contract to supply goods worth millions of dalasis. Jewru smiled.
“That’s my luck you can now help fulfill my request, my family is suffering, please help me for Allah’ sake.”
“This is not as you think, just go until the 15th and let me see what I can do, be cheerful. Are we not friends? And you have helped me several times during my time of need.”

To be Cont.

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