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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 624 EPISODE 40 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Fonka Jangu’ Church Worshipper)


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Reverend Bernard took Tony to Father Superior to set himself free.
“Don’t be afraid you are setting yourself free you are doing the right thing just relax.”

Tony Goswell
He was scared,
“I have come to tell you that all what I was telling you about George is false, he is the culprit he brings compromised women to the Seminary he commits fornication, drinks alcohol and steals he is far from what a priest should do I am sorry I was trying to cover him up.”

Father Superior
“Why are you coming to me now? The church is investigating both of you who am I to put it off? Reverend Thomas has to drag you to me to report the case.”

At Home
Charles come to see dad and he sent him off;
“I am not in the mood to see anyone now what is it?”

“Why do you say you cannot see me? Goswell is going to be a Priest, Church Property I ask you to make me the First Son in writing you said you would not why do you hate me so much?” He challenged his father.
“Why are you finding it difficult to write it down?” Dad refused to answer him.

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At the Seminary
Tony Goswell
He went to George and told him what he had done;
“I went with Thomas and reported you to Father Superior I told him everything I don’t want to go down with you I have advice you several times but you would not change. I would not be the vehicle the devil will used to get at you.”

She is with her fiancé she is upset and her fiancé asked her;
“Who is making my woman sad?”

“It is my brother Goswell he said he cannot come to my wedding that there is a problem with his roommate and he cannot leave the situation he asked for my indulgence. I am very upset I want all my family members to attend.”

He counseled her,
“This is to be expected there must be something wrong we just pray.”

“I am praying for a miracle to let him come.”

At Home
Kodjo Raymond
“I now understand you, you are in place to ask what you should get that is not greed.’

“Now you are my kid brother we are on the same page dad is unfair to me.”

Kodjo Raymond
“He is our dad just take it easy with him.”

“Am I not taking it easy? Don’t just be a hypocrite.”

At the Monastery
He went himself to confess and apologize;
“Father superior forgive me I am the culprit here Tony is a good man he has not done anything I am the one bringing girls into the Seminary he has spoken to me several times but I kept on repeating the same mistake. I would accept any punishment I am given but Tony Goswell should not be punish he has not done anything.”

Father Superior
“I have heard you to err is human to forgive is divine I have forgiven but the investigation goes on I’ll not interfere the Church will decide both your fate what it is to do with you. You can go home and wait for the verdict.”

At Home
Two of the brother elders became hypocrite as Charles kept on bribing them; Aunty Sophie and elder Maya eldest among the cousins kept to his gait he refuse to be bribed  as a tool of corruption.

He met the two uncles aside and said;
“I am the eldest son everyone knows that Goswell is Church property he is studying to become a priest he cannot marry nor have a son  but still dad is finding it difficult to name me officially as the first son with all the privileges,”

Elder Moses and Richard
“We cannot understand why our brother is still finding it difficult everyone knows that Goswell is going to be priest and you automatically becomes the First Son with all the privileges. “

Richard concurred.

He gave each a fat envelope;
“Just be pushing for me you’ll never regret it.”

Tony Goswell
He came and told them his story things became complicated but Charles mind was set he cannot take no as an answer.
“I am no longer going to be a priest they investigating my case before then I came home to wait.”

Dad and Lawyer
He called his Lawyer Mariatou and told her everything;
“I don’t know my tomorrow this is my will do it as I have describe to you.”

Mariatou the Lawyer
“But I am very surprise why this hurry you have all the time in the world just take it easy on yourself.”
To be cont.

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