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Seyii Tolof – Tolof – Part 617 EPISODE 39 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Nyari Domm Ndeye’ Two Brothers)


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Maama Nyaling
Both Maama and Jonsi are very worried about Alieu Nyaling;
“Even though I have nothing to complain Omar is taking good care of us but what about my son is everything okay by him? Dollar is in trouble accused of peddling drugs he is his friend is he okay? I cannot enjoy anything until I hear from him my Omar cannot help me who can help me? Omar is also gone for 2 months no one is hearing from him either.”  Maama and sister are both worried.

She encouraged Maama;
“Nothing happen to them both Omar and Alieu, Omar will soon be here at least.”

Omar (Adedemos)
He came by surprise’
“Here I am you were both doubting me I am here from Dubai.”

The Duo
They rushed to hug him and he gave them cards then they exchanged greetings;
“Have you seen Alieu? How is he-alright?”

Omar (Adedemos)
He waited for a while before answering both Maama and Jonsaba were put on suspense;
“Alieu! I don’t know what happens to that guy he went and mingled with bad guys he is remained in jail and is waiting for trial I went but was told to hold on until they have finished investigations.”

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Maama Nyaling
“That is impossible my Alieu can never engage in drugs he was not even smoking while he was here. My enemies are at work that will never happen.” She cried her heart out.

Omar (Adedemos)
“God is on our side he will come out.”

The Traditional Ruler
He and Bunji visited the traditional ruler they found him in council with his traditional elders the duo asked for the elders to excuse them they felt insulted;

The Deputy
“Who are you to ask us to excuse you? You should wait until we are done or better still make another date.”
All the others concurred.

Omar (Adedemos)
He kept calm and gave each of the 7 elders a packet they changed notes;
“He is Nyaling son very industrious your late father would be very proud of you wherever he is we are going we are already done.” The rest of the elders concurred and they left; the Chief smiled and welcomed them.

Omar (Adedemos)
They sat Bunji and himself;
“We want some spacious land to build factories to employ the youths and women can you give it to us?”
Chief was confuse his people were at his neck in giving their communal land he said;
“I’ll call my elders they will advise me to locate a spacious land to give you to develop a community space to provide jobs for youth and women.” He gave a fat envelop to Chief he beamed.

Omar (Adedemos)
“You will not regret it I am a Money Making Machine.”

Omar (Adedemos)
He went around town throwing money wherever he see people who were running to catch him wherever they saw him he boasts of being a money making machine.

At the Joint
He came and every one present got up to salute him he loved as he dashed money everywhere again he bought imported gin and a hot watery pepper soup for every one present; again Maama Ghetto subdued herself;
“She loves money and she is a slave to anyone who gets it that’ why people like me will get it any how we will.”

At Mba’ House
Her Uncle was out she was at home after exchange greetings he said;
I am building a mighty construction all of us will lived there. How is the baby faring?” He took out a lot of money and gave it to Mba who was very grateful.

She asked;
“Where is my Sweetheart did you tell him the sweet news?”

Omar (Adedemos)
He shed crocodile tears’
“He is alive let us rejoice but he is in deep trouble the competitors have framed him up he is in jail for drug related problems but my friend and I are doing everything to get him out.”

She cried her heart out;
“But that’ not true Alieu does not even smoke we shall see our God is wide awake.”

Omar (Adedemos)
“We shall do everything to get him out Insha Allah.”
Then he left.

Omar (Adedemos)
He was drinking with his friend Bunji then he said;
“Mba is heavily impregnate with Alieu’ child now that he is out of the way I’ll marry her and made the child mind I cannot have a child of my own I have sacrificed my manhood.”

“You are a genius that’ a good idea you can marry her to solve the problem.”

Omar (Adedemos)
“Alieu will not come until I die or he dies.”

Uncle Boto
He had not heard anything from Alieu’ parent he drove Mba away with her unborn child she was crying in an unfinished building she was ashamed to go to Mba Nyaling to give them more burden.

She had to go to Mba Nyaling to report what his uncle did they welcomed her into their midst.
To Be Cont.

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