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Seyii Tolof –Tolof Part 606 EPISODE 38 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Xarit Ak Orr’ Friendship and Betrayal)


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Uncle Thomas
Is very angry with Bernard that he has disown his first son the first fruit of his loin. In fact all extended family members are angry with Bernard.
Family members one by one spoke their mind to Bernard to let bygones be bygones but he sent them all way.

He went to his Uncle house and found his mother who was very worried for her son’ life.

His Girlfriend
Habiba was very sad and lonely her dad was hell bound for her not come near Collins who was a plague to him and he does not and for him to infect his only daughter.

He went to Doctor to beg him to try and found the money for the operation he had a rare heart disease that requires surgery for correction but he begged the surgeon not to disclose it  the family not to worry them especially his mother and sister. His father refuse to give him the contract money that he owed him he is going around to make it happen but his father is blocking all avenue to make it difficult for him. He wanted Collins to come and stooped before him to make it happen; Collins is an honourable man he does not want to stoop before anyone to beg.

“Can I talk to your daddy on your behalf?”

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“No bother I can do that for myself my daddy is a difficult person he will take it as an offence and will accuse me of doing a dubious thing and want to implicate him.”

He went to his daddy to test his bubbles and that’ what exactly happen.

“I want you to give me my contract money I want it for life and death matter if you do that for me I’ll be indebted to you for life .”

Daddy Bernard
“Would I be given the privilege to know the gist?”

“Let us make it a secret no one should now until it becomes successful.”

Daddy Bernard,
“No money, no deal go elsewhere for all those hazy deals I am very sorry.”
It was going to his operation but due to secrecy he would not disclose to anyone.”

“You disown me but I’ll not disown you as for my sibling please have a place in your heart to forgive them.”

Daddy Bernard
“As for your sibling I do have nothing against them, I don’t need to give any forgiveness leave now.”

She appealed to his dad who called him Angel,
“Dad Uncle Collins is very sick he is vomiting blood please give him some money to treat himself before it is too late.”

Daddy Bernard
“He is old enough my first son the first fruit of my loin he can take care of himself give me space I want to rest.”

She went to her mother and laid the same complaint;
“He is old enough can take good care of himself don’t bother me you talk too much.” Her mother rebuked her.

Rev. Bishop
The family worshipped with him he came to talk peace between Bernard and his son.
He listened until he is ready then he said;
“Where were you when Collins disrespect and disown me as his father go and talk to Collins and not me go out of my compound.”

The illness is upon Collins and he is struggling; the girl friend Barbie is struggling with his father who is trying hard to disassociate them Barbie tried very hard to meet Collins but to no avail.

Dr. Jones
He rang Aminata whois  Collins Sister by his mother;

“Its  Dr. Jones Collins is struggling with a rare heart ailment which is life threatening if not taken cared of he asked me not to tell you or mom he will manage with it your dad refuse to give him the money.”

She went to his bed and cried over him she called his 2nd brother Alex , mother and Uncle all  hovered over Collins and cried then he struggled and finally vomited a lot of blood and died.

They all wailed and shouted Collins name.
Maria felt the lost and tiptoed out of the house.

She is restless she tiptoed until she was able to secure the phone rang but there was no answer this frustrated her all the more.

She came and saw the compound in a sobre mood he added one and one two then Uncle was shedding emotional tears then she cried for her lost brother.

Maggie Aminata
She went to daddy abode and chided him;
She chided her dad;
“You are as heartless as the beast you are; so Collins your first son came to you for money and you refuse him I cannot understand you.”
To be Cont. 


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