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Seyii Tolof – Tolof – Part 604 EPISODE 38 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Xarit Ak Orr’ Friendship and Betrayal)


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Ex Minister Bruce’ Secretary was Alice and she was very close to Madam Bruce she used to come for the children and took them for weekend; this continued for sometimes later she switched for holidays Collins as the eldest refused to go and said he will stay with his mum. Madam Bruce did not see anything wrong and described Collins as Maama’ boy. Madam Alice devised a scheme until he was able to hook Mr. Bruce to him they fell in love and through manipulations she was able to kick Madame Bruce out and she occupied her position as the only wife; she took Bruce to her home village and their marriage was tied traditionally unbeknown to his family.

The Ex-Minister Bruce has a big compound and was able to accumulate while he was a Minister she sent his eldest son Collins abroad just to compensate his first wife Elizabeth. He was sent to the States he was coming home to right the wrong of his father towards his family. He came with his mom straight from the airport to his father’ home. His mom was not happy;
“This is your matrimonial home you should like it but I see that you are not happy.”

Madame Eliza
“The house has undergone a lot of chances I cannot understand it now.”

Ex- Minister Bruce
“What is this woman doing here? I don’t want to see her any near my house she is bad luck she will use her juju to my home.’

“She is going nowhere this is equally her home she has come home to stay.”

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Madame Elizabeth
She is scared she took shelter and ran away for her dear life. Collins went after her mom.

Ex Minister
He went for his gun Madame Alice and Maria followed him the other siblings Modupe and Mammie followed him as well to witness the commotion.

Madame Elizabeth
She ran away followed by Collins who ran after her.

Step Mother Alice
“What is Collins up to he is for war why did he bring his mother here when he knows  he shouldn’t?”

She is the ‘chatt’ but is a pacifier;
“He should bring her here the house is her house and moreover, Collins  is the first son.”

“Mom let’s go home there is where you belong you are the legal wife she is the side chick she is illegimate  don’t mind her.”
He went back into house and has to hit the house boy to get out his frustration.

The Fiancée’ Friends
They came with the Fiancée and they witnessed the confrontation they witnessed when Collins pointed gun at his step mom the step brother took side and Collins went to attack him. Barbie stooped down to Collins to come to his senses his father asked him to return the  gun to no avail.  Barbie took the gun from him his younger brother protested and Collins went to fight his younger brother.

At the Uncle’ House
“I was almost shut by Bruce.” Maama said.
 The two siblings Maggie and Alex are very worried Barbie is also very worried.

At Dad; House
His step siblings agitated dad;
“Collins has gone out with the gun.”

He came out to discourage the girls about Collins.
“Look at you and the type of clothes you are wearing who is the girlfriend?”

The Girl Friends
“She is  gone out.”

“Collins is a rebel no respect for me his father do your friend want to marry such a menace? Talk to her to rethink Collins proposal.”

At Uncle’ Home
Maama is surprised as well as Uncle
“What wrong with Bruce? He is ready to disown and discredit his child in front of strangers.”

Madame Elizabeth
“Bruce is doing all that because of me he is showing his hatred of me.”

He came into father’ compound girlfriend refused to go in he raised his voice his step mom and two siblings are very unhappy;
“Am shivering;  you have no right to foil my party.”

Girl Friend Home
Her father asked about Collins she said he is having some issues with his father.

Father of Girlfriend
“But you never told me that he has to find peace with his father or else you cannot marry him.”

Barbie’ Friends
“Girlfriend I have to tell you the truth a divided house can never stand how I see Collins do with his family you have to think twice before going into such a family.” Said Fatima.

“It is never late decide wisely in order not to get hurt.” They both grabbed their bags and left.

Barbie pulls self together and decided to do it her own way.

Dad and Second Wife
She decided to poison father’ heart all the more;
“Collins is now showing you his weight you train the lion he is now showing you whose is the heavier weight you the father or he the son. Show him you are the father, cut all his wings and see how he will fly?”
To be Cont.    

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