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Seyii Tolof – Tolof – Part 602 EPISODE 37 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Domm Ju Gorr’ The Value of the Male Child)


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She met Maama Linguerre they hatched a conspiracy it has to come as a surprise to everyone.

Travel to Her pastor
Taaru and Seela travelled to Pastor Eli who was her childhood pastor and friend;

Pastor Eli
“You have been welcomed by very safe hands I saw you in my dreams the devil has encircled you, you could not do anything Jambarr is confused he does not know what to do. Just take it easy everything will come to shape sooner than later. Let us pray.”
They prayed and Pastor Eli asked her to dry fast for a week with intensive prayers and she will see what God can do for the devotees.

He waited whole day without neither seeing his wife Taaru nor his child Seela he went to his mother and asked;
“Where is Taaru and Seela I haven’t seen them? Where are they?”

Maama Linguerre
“They haven’t come where else could they be? Do you check everywhere they could have gone?  This is very serious.”

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He is lonely and very depressed he blamed his dad for all his mishaps;
“My dad put me into this I’ll never forgive him for breaking my family.”

She felt used and abandoned she did not get what he wanted she confronted Jambarr;
“Now is the time I should be pampered are you doing that? Your wife has disappeared to put pressure upon you and she has succeeded now you cannot do anything not even to me I am unhappy I have to go to Madam Sucre to be insane please do not stop me I’ll come home after seeing her.”

“Now I could not do anything you can go to Madam Sucre while I sort myself.”

Parents of Yaaga
“I heard what she has done and we are very unhappy with her;
How can she bite the fingers that feed her? Taaru her childhood friend have done everything for her; but it is no surprise that’s what she has done to us her parents she took the favour of a jobless boy in our stead he was caught by the law instead of coming back to ask for forgiveness she went to another wayward woman and took her as her parents she misguided her and look where she has landed? Khmer will visit her this time around she has to suffer in totu. We fervently pray Jambarr go back to his lawful wife.”

Madam Sucre
She is not happy to see Yaaga;
“Why did you come home? You should have stayed until Jambarr send you home he would have never done that. All the same you have already come you have to go back.” She was not happy with that decision.
Just before they were to return, Yaaga put to bed in the transport and was rushed to a private clinic and cleaned up. Both Paapa and Jambarr rushed to the clinic; they were happy that the child was a boy child’

Paapa Gela
He praised God for the long prayers that was finally answered;
“God be praised for giving us the heir on a golden platter.” He threw libation and was very happy but displease that both Taaru and her daughter disappeared into thin air.

He was not happy he has a son yes but his family was shattered;
“This was not what I bargained for I wanted all three of us to be happy but no, I wanted my family back take this evil son and give me back my Taaru and Seela.”

She heard him and decided to keep to herself and her son.
“I should not have borne the son look at me I was happier with him before now we are strangers he does not want to see neither me nor my son.

Paapa Gela
Would come daily to see the child and play with him but not his father; he does not want to see his son. Paapa is worried but he does not want his son to be angrier. He let the sleeping dog to lie.

He visited his mom;
“Are you sure you did not know where my daughter and my wife are?”

Maama Linguerre
“Are you doubting me now? I do not know anything about them.”

“If you know and is hiding I leave you to God to judge how can you kill your son slowly.”

Maama Linguerre
“Don’t trouble me I know nothing about your wife and daughter.”

He rang his father in law and enquired about his wife and child;
“Am enquiring about Taaru and Seela? Are they with you people?”

The Parents became worried;
“What are you taking about your wife missing and your daughter? Have you consulted the police?”

“It has not come to that? I know nothing is wrong with them they are playing pranks I will ring you again.”

Maama Linguerre
She rang the couple in laws and asked them to keep calm;
“Everything is under control they are both fine we want to teach them a lesson. Just keep the secret.”
To be Cont.

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