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Seyii Tolof – Tolof – Part 593 EPISODE 37 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Domm Ju Gorr’ The Value of the Male Child)


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Taaru with Maama
She confided in Maama her mother in law;
“Maama my husband is no longer warm towards me I suspected it but it became clear yesterday I cooked his favourite dish but he declined to eat it but instead kept praising Yaaga’ dish labeling her an expert cook I did not want to appear jealous but instead concurred and told her he’ll come to appreciate her as a good person not a busy body. Why is Jambi cool towards me? Is there another woman or something he has not tell me? This is the first time in my entire life as a couple that I become unsure about my husband am I overreacting? My instinct never fails me something is definitely wrong somewhere. What should I do Maama?”

Maama Linguerre
“Some people believe in their instinct I for one believe it; go back to the past what do incite him the most? Cook a delicious dish which you have already done and it did not move him, go out with him to calm his nerves or better still seduce him. Try anything you can think of and come back to me with results don’t give up my daughter Jambi is your husband and he loves you without any blemish.” Maama gave her courage even though she too starts to doubt her son’ faithfulness.

“But your son my husband found happiness for himself in his work I always try all these means but he does not react why should I do it again?”

Maama Linguerre
“Some men are funny they shun it yesterday but might react differently today it is no harm try again my dear daughter.” She shrugged her shoulders and left.

She went to Suwerr and said;
“I am not happy at all look at me a mistress schemer being ousted by a naïve fool of a girl in the person of Yaaga what does she have which I don’t? Yes she was brought in on sympathy basis by Madam Taaru so what? Yaaga has schemed her way through to Jambi Madam Taaru deserve to know.”

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“Yes Madam Taaru deserve to know but who is assigned to tell her?”

“It is me who else?”

“My only advice is be very careful if anything goes wrong your head will roll just be careful of that.”

The Fraud
Another professional working with their conglomerate discovered fraud from a major partner and alerted Pa Gela who went to Jambi to discuss the matter with him and what did he discovered;

He came out to meet his father outside then Yaaga came out in seductive dress and greeted Paapa and left Jambi who was ashamed and dumbfounded Pa Gela paused and asked Jambi to meet him in his private chamber.

Paapa’ Private Chamber
“What do you want to tell me son? I am all ears.”

“What you see is not what you think I have nothing to do with the cook she was brought in by my dear wife Taaru. Now answer me dad why didn’t you marry a second wife when mom can give you only one child?”

“That’ a good question my son my dear wife your mom gave me a son I should have love it for her to give me many sons and daughters but she could not due to medical reasons but she has already given me one son not one daughter as a result she has fulfilled traditional requirement; in the past we were the ruling family my family still wanted me to take more wives for more children but I declinced and rest all my hope on you; but your situation is different you have one daughter not one son like me therefore tradition requires you take a mistress or better still marry a wife or wives who bear you a male child or children the choice is Taaru’ we are traditional Africans not any other people your dual citizenship does not make you Americans by birth but by Naturalization. If you want to take Yaaga as a mistress go ahead impregnate her for a son or better still take her as a second wife Taaru is the first wife and the position goes with privileges in traditional African Society think about it and is assured my 100% support. The cook might answer our male child prayers.”

Audience with Yaaga
He summoned Yaaga and interrogated her;
“Are you sleeping with my son? Eyes cannot fail you I personally saw you coming out from his room in a skimpy dress don’t tell me you have not done anything? What were you doing in his private chamber?”

She became nervous and loss of words;
“I am very sorry he asked me to dance traditional dances of the ethnic groups  I tried and make him relax one thing lead to another until the undesirable happen we slept I am very sorry give me the sack and let me go away from here.”
To be Cont.  

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