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Seyii Tolof-Tolof – Part 582 EPISODE 37 ( Difficult Marriages- ‘Domm Ju Gorr’ The Value of the Male Child)


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 Saama Sly
She does not give up;
“Jambi!” She called his name aloud;
“My name is Sly I never give up there are many ways to catch a rat.” She boasted.

Wonto (Whyo)
She is another deportee from Sweden for drug trafficking she tattooed her entire body and wears a weird  hair style she does not operate day time but night time she became a surrogate mother for many criminal gangs she is also a pimp aligning sophisticated girls to criminal gangs for trafficking she herself being a survivor of human trafficking when she was a teenager. She only knows ruthlessness and lack of sympathy and empathy to her those are sign of weakness;
“I am a tough babe no sign of woman weakness I can kill and suck blood of my victim and pull out her/his organs for ritual medicine. I can sacrifice anyone for money any one from mother to my child.” She boasted aloud.
She is hated and feared and she loves it.
Sly came to her as a last resort to get Jambi.

She boldly entered her cave she lives in a dungeon the front is a beautiful mansion with labyrinth of dwelling but where she does her activities is a cave within the mansion. A female guard took her           to her Majesty who smiled when she saw her;

Wonto Whyo
“Finally you are here.”

“Where and when do you know me?”

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Wonto Whyo
“I knew you since you become wicked the people I work with inform me of any potential worker and your name surfaced several times since then I waited for you; first and foremost you have to drink from our fountain and afterwards I’ll tell you your mission even before you tell me.”

She called one of the attendants Sacrifice to bring in the blood bowl and she asked Sly to drink from it but she hesitated then she asked her;
“Why are you hesitating? Haven’t you killed many people through your wicked actions?”

“I’ll drink from it you are very right.” She then drank a cup of fresh blood from the bowl. She was ordered to be bled to replace the blood she drank from.

Wonto Whyo
“You must be confused to also bleed your blood? It simply means you drank from someone’ blood you too have to sacrifice some part of your blood for others to drink from. This is our brotherhood/sisterhood; here we are one who can never betray the other if you disclose our hide out our personality to the police or any other person you are dead our spirit will follow you wherever you go get that into your mind and relax I’ll tell you about your mission.”

“How can you I did not say anything?”

Wonto Whyo
“Why am I the best? I am a Sorceress for God’ sake your mission is to get a successful man to get you pregnant with a son for you to reign over his life and his home; isn’t it?”

“Yes it is I believe you, I believe you.”

“Are you ready to do anything for it?” Sly nodded her head.
(Now go back to your work and come back in a fortnight.” She bade her good bye and left.
Before she left she warned her;
“Don’t talk about it to anyone if not you can never find me again and you’ll get mad..”

He was enraged;
“What’s wrong with my father? How can he discriminate our first beautiful daughter? She is so cute I don’t mind it at all even if I don’t have another child Seela is okay and the sky is the limit for her I don’t mind what the rest of the world say or do.” He hissed.

She came home and rushed to her dad;
“Am home dad I took first in our Aptitude Test.”  Jambi was so excited that he raised his daughter and whirled around the house her with.

“Didn’t I tell them our Seela is a star she is precious and can do anything that anyone can. We love your darling you are our sunshine no matter what anyone else say or do.”

“What are you saying dad? What are they saying? Discriminating me because I am a girl? Don’t mind them dad they will all be named and shamed I’ll always make both of you proud and forever.”
Jambi hugged and kissed their daughter.

“Go and tidy yourself I’ll serve you lunch.” Seela was served lunch by her dad and she loved every bit of it. Taaru was at work workaholic as usual.

Maama Linguerre
She came to console her son;
“My son your dad was a bit harsh I don’t support him.”

“Are you kidding me? Are you trying to spy for your husband? Get it straight mom you cheated on us why didn’t you tell us the truth? We would not have come had we been told of such archaic customs still exist in the 21st Century in this part of the World.”
To be Cont.

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