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Seyii Tolof- Tolof- Part 580 EPISODE 37 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Domm Ju Gorr’ The Value of the Male Child)


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Taaru took care of her household as advised she rearranged her work schedule; she wakes at 5 a.m. do her prayers, cooks her daily dish every day of the week her house work is not drudgeous but modern and mechanized unlike you and me she can do so many things at about the same time here it is time management then she wakes Suwerr to help her serve her in-laws while she serves her husband, child and herself; she now locks the cupboard where their food is. Sly is completely banned entering the kitchen or serving food to anyone in the household.

She saw the trick and laughed;
“Foolish woman! Now she has barred me from the kitchen but don’t you worry I’ll meet her husband in the street. ‘Jaan chi suuf tanka si suuf’ – meaning snake on the ground and foot also on the ground.” She confided to Suwerr a fellow hand maiden. 

“Are you not mad? Go and find your husband Jambi is Taaru’.”

He brought some flowers and a Thank You Card from the Florist Shop and gave them his address where it is to be delivered;

The Florist Agent
He came and delivered it to Suwerr who took it to Taaru in a romantic package;
“Who sends this?” She asked Suwerr.

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“I don’t know Ma but it is romantic and beautiful and it can only be your one and only.” Taaru laughed infectiously which passed to Suwerr and she could not keep her laughter.

“Thank you my dear lady you are right I know my one and only naughty one.”

The Package
She went to her room locked and keyed it and read the letter aloud;

The letter
“Sunshine! Indeed you have taken over your household I cannot lie they are choking me but my eyes cannot see them;
my ears cannot hear them;
my touch cannot feel them;
you are my one and only;
this union is final even death can only separate us in flesh not in spirit;
you are my heart and my soul.

Thank you! Thank you! And thank you.
I am a helping hand as we did it abroad;
Call me whenever you feel tired.” He then blew trillion kisses.

Taaru gave a shrilled laughter enjoyed her fun and romance. She smelled the roses over and over again went into her red bikini waiting for her one and only.

While the romantic couple enjoyed their sexy life there is someone in another corner trying to destroy their union by using black assurance, will it work? Time will tell.

She is Sly’ confidante and adviser she encourages her evil designs and gives her wrong advice, ‘Jaaye Jaayahu’ praises until a person gets drunk and fell down.
“My sister long time no see whatsup?”

“I am down, down and down you are my charger when my batteries are down.”

“Spill it out I am all ears here only for your services.”

“My friend e big head and proud, eno able gi master male pickin and eno de left chicks leke me do am is that fair? My mission na for get am for me with any means necessary ready for kill to get me ambition can you do it for me?”

“Our motto just believe ego happen I’ll try my best are you not me paddi?”
The duo shook hands and hugged each other.
“Come in two weeks’ time.”

She knows the time when Jambi comes home from work and she waits for him at the gate she opens it before the gate man comes and followed him into the garage packing space when he alights from the car she would want to help bring the suitcase up but he declines and politely asked her;
“it’ okay;” but she felt undeterred.

She will come to her and said;
“Be warned Madame Taaru is aware of your tricks you employ towards  her husband the day she catches you is your dismissal; let sleeping dog to lie go and find your man; how can he respect you when you filthily throw yourself upon him? You are such person that makes society brand all women as the shame; seductress! Be warned!”

“Are you her spy? Are you going to report me? If you do you’ll not live to report it I am not joking mind your business the battle is ours not yours.”

“I don’t fear to die telling the truth and saving a soul from evil doers like you; I don’t fear your black magic, all will all die if you kill me today some day you shall also die you cannot scare me but I am not like you I can never report anyone to harm him/her as you have done to Henry John time and your wicked act will expose you as before.”

He now understands Sly’ intention and decided to change his time to confuse her all the more;
“This chick wants to seduce me but I’ll fail all her attempts I’ll change my timing but would never alert Taaru to spoil her mind she is very fragile especially about the ‘male child’ issue.”
To be Cont.  

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