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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 571 EPISODE 37 (Difficult Marriages – The Value of the Male Child- ‘Domm Ju Gorr’)


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The Value of the Male Child-‘Domm Ju Gorr’

Jambarr is the only son of Pa Gelawarr and Mama Linguerre they are very rich traditional rulers they sent their only son to the U.S. to study any field of his choice he went as a teenager. He enrolled in the movie industry and rose to the top as a Film Producer and Editor at the Holly Wood. He decided to come back home to serve his nation what did he find?”
Taaru is his wife from an influential family at home she too an only daughter very beautiful and intelligent a pet of her parents well groomed to be fit for any purpose very intelligent and witty. The couple were head over heel in love they decided to marry abroad to evade the crazy customs and tradition they just want to live private simple lives.
Were they able to enjoy the privacy they jealousy want to protect?
An interesting Episode 37 stay glued to enjoy your story.

Back to the Country
Pa Gelawarr is very rich in our country’ term he owns a group of companies so when his son comes back he wanted him to head the conglomerate but he is not interested he wants to continue working to develop the Entertainment Industry in country while still maintaining his job at the Hollywood. He becomes a workaholic but he enjoys it and his wife Taaru supports him and that is what matter.
Taaru is an efficient Company Manager multifaceted unknowing to her Pa Gelawarr connected her to his associates.

At her Office
A gentleman knocked and she asked him in after exchanged greetings;
“Sit down you are welcomed in my office how can I help you?”

He praised her then went to the point;
“Your effectiveness and efficiency drew me to you.” Then he showed her his company profile.
“My company Jacques and Associates is a very good conglomerate second to none and as an IT guru we need your services and are ready to offer you more than what you are earning here come and join us to move our company, our country to higher heights.”

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She smiled and said;
“I’ve heard you now give me the chance to peruse and judge for myself.”

“Fair enough my fair damsel we will wait for how long it takes thank you and good bye.”

At Home
Taaru came home exhausted she is also a workaholic as her husband two of a kind the hand maiden came to serve her she asked after her baby girl Yakarr or Yaks.
“How is my angel has she been served well?”

Hand Maiden
“She has mom and she is fast asleep.”

“Good prepare dinner for two am very tired.”

Hand Maiden
“Yes mom.”

He too as a workaholic was glued to his computer; Taaru came and hugged him;
“I rang all your phones no response I became scared.”

“Scared of what?”
“Because of the country’ insecurity you have been kidnapped for ransom.”

“God forbid! Has it gone that bad? No we will try to avoid such a scenario such a great and beautiful country will solve all the ills before we come to that.”

“Amen O amen!”

“Am proud of you, you come back to your motherland to fix up things while serving your company employer at the U.S. I’ll always work side by side with you.” The couple enjoys a deep, passionate kiss.

Dinner for two
They were served dinner in their small apartment away from the rest of the family.

The Parents
They were very worried;

Maama Linguerre
“Where are my children? Don’t tell me they are still glued at their computers? This is serious.”

Papa Gelawarr
“Didn’t I tell you these love birds are two of a kind didn’t they marry themselves overseas? But we have to guide them to understand our customs and traditions.”

Maama Linguerre
“Not again let them be gradually they are coming to terms with us they should not be force into anything.”

Papa Gelawarr
“Not again you are always protecting them.”

She came to greet her in-laws with apologies;
“Sorry Pa, sorry Maama I came late and exhausted after a little snap I went to Jambi and also found him glued then I dragged him to the dining and we have dinner for two. I am very sorry.”

Papa Gela
“Didn’t I tell you this duo is two of kind God bless you, you both make us proud. Did Mr. Jona come to your office?”

She laughed excitingly and asked;
“How did you know sir?”

Pa Gela
“Just keep on working hard the fruit of your labour would soon be reaped. Mr. Jona is my best friend he is a perfect gentleman.”
To be Cont.

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