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Seyii Tolof- Tolof Part 570 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender Based Violence)


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At the Prisons
Bully is a changed person he did horrible things to his family but apologized and genuinely made amends; in the prisons he lectures on violence against women and was very much appreciated by the inmates and the prison authorities.  
Bully was discharged due to his good, emulating behavior.

He rang and told his Girls about the good news.
“My beautiful Girls this is the good news I am being discharged, pardoned by the President of the Republic due to good behavior ask Uncle Sang and Aunty P to come for me you can also come along if you can.”

The Girls
They were thrilled as they rang the couple and told them the good news;
“Papa has just rang to tell us the good news.”

Uncle Sang
“What is the good news girls? Has he been discharged?”

The Girls
“Exactly he asked us to tell you and Aunty P to go and collect him also for us to come along if we wish; we want to come along with you.”

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Uncle Sang
“Get along we are coming for you.”

At the Prisons
Bully was hailed for his transformation and people empathized with his honesty and truthfulness and prayed for his continuation of good behaviour; he encouraged his former inmates to keep the faith and practice good behaviour;
“If I a convicted murderer of my good, principled wife and batterer of my beautiful girls can be pardoned what about you who have not done a quarter of what I have done? Keep up the faith and be of good behaviour I can assure that you’ll be pardoned before the end of your term.” They prayed and he left the prisons with mixed feelings.

The Reunion
The feelings was mixed sour and sweet; he took his wife’ larger than life photograph and held it tightly to his chest and cried bitterly thru hot sobs he said;

“I cannot bring you back to life; you were an angel whom I never knew; God gave you to me but I faulted but our beautiful girls have taken your whole behaviour they have forgiven me as they confessed you spoke to them through their dreams simultaneously which was unusual they did and it was a great relief to me, I shall love you just as in the beginning when we were courting that time I was not the beast I unfortunately turned into over the years; you were over submissive had I got the Penda type I would have been sober, I took you for granted but never again. Since my grave mistake and sentence to hard labour and life I have transformed and have become Zero Tolerance Against Violence Against Women; to join my daughters and Aunty P who was your soul mate; Sang is now her life partner you’ll be delighted where ever you are, your best pal is now part of our family she is madly in love with Sang she is now expecting twins boy and girl as the scan have shown; we are thrilled two more tiny tummies to feed with God’ grace; we love you and you are definitely with us forever until we meet you again. Rest in perfect peace dear wife.” He kissed the picture as if he was holding and caressing Beatrice. Through hallucination he saw and was intimately talking to her she waved, smiled and vanished into thin air.
   Every one shed emotional tears as they witnessed Bully a changed, transformed agent genuinely expressing himself freely to his wife, immediate family and the whole world. Everyone forgave him and prayed for his new life.
    He also assured Beatrice never to marry again until the girls got married to spouses of their choice and to show a woman for him to marry.

The Journalists
Then they asked him;
“We have learnt from the media that you killed your wife because she could not bear you a male child are you still particular about that in finding a wife?”
Earlier some relatives wanted to stop the journalist from asking such a question but he stopped them;

“It is freedom of expression we should be very tolerant that’ what my prison experience taught me now to your question I don’t mind even if we don’t have an issue it is love that matters; I have two beautiful girls and a lot of nieces and nephews if I didn’t have I would have adopted from my family or any- where else to give them love, care and shelter. Sex of a child is now irrelevant to me.”  Everyone applauded him and said;  ”Bully has really transformed and a changed man.”

Uncle Nyanga and Aunty Fatima
Fatima has a change of heart as she dreamt of Beatrice who counseled her to make peace between Penda and their family;
“I want your family to be blessed there is nothing wrong to make peace between Penda, Nyanga and Saange all the credit will be yours and the blessing stays with all the families for ever please do it for me.” She disappeared and Fatima woke up in cold sweat.

She woke up and narrated everything to Nyanga whose heart has also softened he agreed and they also went to Bully’ house to congratulate him.

Family Reunion
The couple were thrilled when they saw the newly- weds they hugged and embraced each other Fatima explained her mission;

“Blessed are the peace makers, also in my religion Islam which means peace abhors malice and bad faith we are now a big family my daughter if she is born would be a sibling to Saange and she would be thrilled to receive her, we are very happy that Bully is out thanks to Beatrice she visited me in my dream and asked me to do this mission.” She then turned to the Bea Girls;
“I did not know your mom but she was an angel in disguise she wants us to all live in peace for God/Allah’ blessing.”
The family prayed and ate a Thank Giving Meal for Bully’ release.
THE END OF EPISODE 36;   EPISODE 37 will follow. All is well that ends well.

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