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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 569 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender Based Violence)


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The Trial Judge Continues
“She was legally insane and beyond control at that particular state of mind she was capable of doing harm to herself as well as to any other person.
She lost her baby, her life, her only hope and this senseless sadist was mocking her, out of desperation she stabbed him to death very undesirable and unfortunate.
You have seen her reaction when she learnt that Solomon destroyed her womb in the dastardly act; imagine what she could have done to her mother in law who aided and abated her sadist son, it would have been double murder God forbid!
Ma just imagine this young vibrant woman, an Activist advocating for Women’s Rights and solving marital problems being abused and violently violated; what an irony therefore when her cup overflow things fall apart. The Defence closed its case.
This is my Judgment
Sally is a woman in distress what she did is unbearable and undesirable; under normal circumstance she could have been convicted for Murder as the prosecution demands but she was Legally Insane and her life ruined by a sadist; therefore this is my judgment; Sally has a share in their Joint Marital Property to be shared equally both Movable and immovable, she is freed and discharged this is my Judgment. Court is adjourned.” The Trial Judgment left, the people in and outside the court got into ecstasy and the protestors turned into joyful mood of singing and dancing.
“Free at last!” The large crowd chanted.

Maama Sol (Debi)
She wept bitterly cursing Sally and everyone that supported her;
“Murderess you and your supporters bribed the Judge but God is the final judge you just cannot live while my dear son lie cold in the morgue.” She left in a taxi.

At Aunty P’ Residence
Victory Party
It was surprisingly put up by the Girls and Aunty Sally was celebrated,  the host and hostess Mr. and Mrs. Sang Mendy were thrilled.

Sally’ Speech
She expressed joy and genuine friendship in emotional tears as all present could not hold back their tears.
“We are the trio friends now like family well knitted; Penda is indomitable what a sister! Since my crisis she left her life and joined mine I did not miss my family whom I never know; these are the core universal values we shared empathy, sincerity, generosity, sympathy and caring, thank you my sissy Beatrice is with us smiling and participating, look at her Girls with so much generous heart just like their mom smiling and giving a helping hand; we are here with you, you’ll never miss anything, tonight our sweet heavenly sister will speak to you in your dreams it is all thrills until we meet her again.
You have also shown us the way how we’ll treat your dad we are praying to the Lord to bring him back sound and safe to unite with his family never to part again.”
The Bishop was invited to bless their Victory party.
Aunty Sally Relocates
It was an emotional day when Aunty Sally announced that she is moving to her new residence. She bought a house long ago and rented it when Solomon declined to live in his wife’ house. It was modest, comfortable with spacious rooms she invited the Girls to also join her in the list of residences they go for weekends.
“Your Aunty also now has space you can enjoy during weekends with your friends.”

The Girls
“But Aunty you should have stayed for a while say up to one year there are enough rooms for all of us.”

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Aunty Sally
“The newly- weds need to enjoy themselves with no intrusion and in such instances three is a number.”

The Girls
“Okay we understand the message we too will  give them space and not bother them with our problems.”

Aunty Sally
“Smart Girls just do that.”

The Joint Property
It was administered according to the judgment Sally sold her part movable and immovable property and kept her money in her Accounts and moved on.

Aunty P and Doc. Senghore facilitated her reconstruction surgery abroad the surgeons worked on her now she sponsored her bills; one of the young doctors got interested in her case and later married her.

Good News
The reconstruction surgery was successful her womb is receptive and she can conceive in the future.

She rang Penda and Doc. Senghore;
“God has done it for me my good sisters the surgery was successful and as I am speaking to you now I can conceive in the future.”

Penda and Dr. Senghore;
They shouted with joy and thank God for the wonderful work;
“God is great! ‘Allah warata! Yalla Yana! Meaning the same thing in our local languages.
Maama heard the news and said;
“Sally is a bandit Solomon did not do anything to her womb I’ll never forgive her for killing my only son I pray that she has an only child and he/she be killed by a spouse amen!”

A Neighbour Reports
Over the Phone
“Mboka! I visited Maama yesterday you know what she said?”

“What! Did she curse me again?”

“Exactly she prayed you have an only child male/female to be killed by the spouse then you shall taste what she is feeling now.”

“I have forgiven her and prayed well that God give her peace and happiness tell her that immediately and never speak to me about her again, leave her in peace to mourn her son it is unfortunate and not easy to lose a grown up son. Thank you.”
To be Cont.

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